Promoting Your Videos


Getting discovered is the name of the game. Uploading videos, which we covered last chapter, is only one piece of the puzzle. In this chapter we're going to discuss some basics for promoting your content consistently.

Spamming is extremely annoying and will not help you.

Don’t do it.

I can confidently tell you that there isn’t a single “big” YouTuber out there right now that found success because they spammed comment sections or social media posts saying “plz sub me” or “sub4sub”. Not a single one. Doing that does nothing but make you look desperate and offers no real value to the other person. Don’t use people for the sake of growing your own numbers.

Put in the work, kid.

Sub4Sub does not work. It will never work.

A popular technique on YouTube is the sub4sub method: You subscribe to me, and I’ll subscribe to you. Bingo! New subscribers for everyone, right!? Wrong.


Here’s why:


Those people will not watch your videos. The only reason those people subscribed was to get you to subscribe, they don’t actually care about you or your content, therefore, their not going to watch it. You’re just another number to them. By engaging in sub4sub, no matter how many subscribers you get out of, the views on your videos will never grow.


You want people to subscribe because they truly care and have an interest in what you’re offering. Perceived growth still isn’t real growth.


Collaboration is extremely powerful..

By collaborating with another YouTuber and making a video or two with them, you’re getting yourself in front of their already invested audience, which is an amazing opportunity for you to earn new viewers, assuming they like you. 🙂


Collabing with bigger channel isn’t the answer

Look, a new audience is a new audience, regardless of how big the channel is. Don’t beg for bigger creators to do a video with you so YOU can grow. They won’t work with you unless you offer them value as well. You can’t be selfish. In most cases, collabing with a smaller channel or one that is equal in size will prove most beneficial to you.


Cross-promotion is key

Work together to help one another grow. The way you collab is extremely important. For starters, I would recommend making two videos. One for your channel, one for their channel. By doing so, you can entertain each audience, and then offer them the opportunity to see more by heading over to the opposite channel, instantly cross promoting

You’d be amazed by what kind of results you’ll see from a simple collaboration.


Use social media to your advantage.

Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are GOLD MINES to gain new viewers. These platforms are extremely powerful because the people are already there. Millions and billions of people use these networks on a daily basis, you just have to find them.
Join groups, join conversations that directly relate to your content. Be a genuine part of these social platforms, don’t just use them for spam. Don’t be afraid to introduce people to your content in an organic, natural way. Again, DON’T SPAM. Just ask.

In the next article we go over how to compete and how to win, it's a great read.