Define Your Content Type

Chapter 4

What inspires you? Why are you even thinking about becoming a creator? Uploading random videos might be fun, but it won’t get you very far. You need an explicit content type, something people will come to expect from you. That’s what we cover in this chapter.

Passion trumps everything.

Identify your content ‘type’ and define your target audience.

YouTube is very over-saturated with content these days. You can no longer create a channel that has no clear direction.

Right off the bat, it’s best to decide what type of content you’re going to create, decide what audience is best for it, and target those people. Finding your niche is a very important aspect of early development of your channel.

  • Who do you want watching your videos?
  • Who are your videos for?

Actually take a second to figure out those two questions andwrite it down if you have to. It’s much easier to capture the attention of people you know are interested, rather than guessing and hoping strangers will find interest. Finding those people is your best bet to ensure that not only will they watch a video or two, but subscribe and stick around as well.

You have to create value first

Before you go asking for that “sub”, before you go spamming comment sections, before you go asking for shoutouts, before you start wondering why your channel isn’t growing or your videos are gaining views — ask yourself:

“Why should someone subscribe to me?” or “Why should someone watch my content over the next guy/girl?”

You might have a lot of fun creating, you might think your content is great, but is it valuable to others? I know that might be a tough question but you have to be honest with yourself here.
People are going to have questions and/or expectations when it comes to the niche you may be in and if you don’t give them answers or fulfill those expectations, they are simply going to move on and you’re just another video in their web history. Most everything, in terms of an idea or type of content, has already been done by someone before you.
Whatever content you’re creating there are thousands of people doing the same type of thing. The type of content you create may not be an original idea but it’s up to you to ensure that the execution of that idea is, in fact, new and fresh. Be yourself, incorporate your own personality, and you’re sure to stand out.
I know you really want subs or you really want views, but when it comes down to it, YouTube isn’t about you.

The time of your viewers or potential viewers is extremely valuable.

If they happen to stumble across your videos and watch for 5-10 minutes, did they waste their time, or did they getting something back from you in exchange for that view that gave you? YouTube isn’t a one-way street and it’s vitally important that you learn that.

Create a schedule.

Creating an upload schedule for channel is very important. It’s even more important to actually stick to that schedule. Your viewers need to be able to predict when they can expect to see a video from you next.
If you feel like you can upload once a month that’s okay, but you need to stick to that schedule. I think for most people you should aim for one video every week. That’s a pretty safe bet to ensure that you don’t lose interest, burnout, and your viewers don’t forget about you. Personally, I upload daily, and that works for me and my type of content.

Think about it this way, the more videos you upload, the more chances you have to be noticed and to grow!

Creating an upload schedule for channel is very important. It’s even more important to actually stick This doesn’t mean I’m advocating for quantity over quality, because I’m definitely not. Create as much content as you can on a regular basis without sacrificing the quality of your content. Easy enough.

Now that we’ve discussed how to develop a strategy it’s time to move towards building your channel.

Chapter 5