It’s not a competition, but you are competing.

Chapter 9

Look, attention is scarce, especially online. Don’t kid yourself. You may not be competing, but actually you are. Confused? Don’t be. Read on and we’ll explain.

Competition? For who?

Keep in mind that you are competing with potentially millions of other content creators for the attention of these viewers. This brings me back to your “value” proposition. With technology being so easily accessible these days, anyone can create content. That’s a great thing! It can also be a bad thing for you right now, as you’re first starting out.

Winning is fun.

There are a lot of creators that have been doing this for years and may have thousands of people watching them. Those people aren’t necessarily your competition. There are, however, way more people that are beginners just like you and are trying to make a name for themselves. There will always be more beginners than there are people that have actually “made it” on the platform. Those are the people that you’re competing with. What’s going to set you apart and help you stand out? What’s your value? Why should I watch your videos over everyone else that’s doing the exact same thing you’re doing? Because you’re going to do it differently. You’re going to give me value that I won’t get with other creators.

In the final article we talk about a concept called “the dip” and what it means to stay true to yourself.

Final Chapter