Channel Sections & Playlists

Chapter 6

As you begin to get more saavy with branding and overall impressions – you’ll quickly see there are more ways to stand out. Channel sections & playlists is a huge one. In this chapter we discuss this topic in depth.

The About Section

The about section of your channel is something that many creators seems to ignore, but can be a great way to introduce people to you and give them more information about what you’re trying to do with your channel, AND a great use of text to help YouTube index your channel for search.

Be all about it.

In the about section, you have 985 characters as your limit. I’m not saying you need to sit down and fill that area up, but you should be sure to cover all your bases.

  • Who you are / what your brand is
  • What your channel is about
  • What the value of your channel is

The first two lines of text are the most vital and show up in more places than just your about page, including hover cards — those things that pop up if you hover over the name of someone’s channel. This can give key information to a potential viewer at a glance and should not be taken for granted

Split your channel into sections by using Playlists

Playlists are a great way to organize your content and a great way to keep people watch videos on autoplay. Split your content into playlists depending on what type of video it is, and make the title of your playlists descriptive as well.
Using playlists are a great way to set expectations for your viewers and give them a clean and organized way of browsing through your content. Not to mention, it makes your channel look better!

Now that we’ve discussed how to develop a strategy it’s time to move towards building your channel.

Chapter 7