September 22, 2015

YouTube Fair Use Guidelines Finally Set

All it took was one dancing baby and seven years in court and we finally have an answer, well kind of an answer, to the long disputed question of “What counts as fair use in videos on Youtube?” To date, the battle around this argument has been fierce. On one side are the Youtubers of the world who create, distribute, share their lives and basically keep the wheels turning and doors open on social media sites. The other side are the owners and publishers of digital and communication media rights, like images and songs. A judge has finally ruled that the case of “Dancing Baby” to which mother Stephanie Lenz uploaded a 29 second video of her baby dancing to Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy” will now go to trial. At the time of posting the video, Prince’s publishers objected and Lenz then filed a lawsuit. The judge also set some guidelines for fair use, which basically tells copyright owners to chill out and to seriously consider the use of the material as fair use before submitting for it to be taken down. It’s a major blow to media corporations. As a startup that works with Youtubers every day, we are extremely excited to see that more videos will be able to remain online and showcase people’s lives and supper their channels. If you’re interested in gaining more subscribers, check out our app.