September 8, 2015

Introduction to ASO in iTunes

That was the title of our recent MeetUp presentation we delivered to a bunch of industry friends at our office in Sacramento, CA. If you’ve ever created an app, then you know how hard it can be to generate downloads (DLs) in Apple’s App Store. With literally hundreds of thousands of apps available, how does anyone find anything? Welcome to ASO (App Store Optimization). Our presentation focused on several key factors in ASO, which includes NOT using paid user acquisition. That’s right, we’ve barely spent a dime. Rather, we focused on one key way most users find apps in the app store – search. You’ve likely heard of SEO (search engine optimization) and ASO is basically the same thing, but within iTunes. By focusing on the keywords users are searching for when in iTunes, you can work to put your apps at the top of the search results, just like on Google. In the end,¬†ASO is fundamental to organic growth. Please note that we’ve covered only one portion of ASO: keywords & title, but this simple process, repeated, will increase organic growth. The proof is in our own apps and the substantial incremental organic growth we’ve experienced the last year, netting us more than 2 million total downloads.