November 16, 2016

Top Overwatch Streamers: Ster, Seagull and More

In this article, we’ll discuss the top Overwatch streamers on Twitch. This includes people like Ster and Seagull, but also other, lesser-known streamers.

How do you choose the list?

Overwatch is a massively-popular online shooter released by Blizzard. Even though it’s been out for a fairly short time, Overwatch has spawned a massive community of fan-artists, streamers and content creators, all hoping to be a part of Blizzard’s next big thing. This does make quite a bit of sense, all things considered- after all, these are the guys behind World of Warcraft. In this article, we’ll be digging through the most popular Overwatch streamers on Twitch to give you the diamonds.We aren’t searching just for raw popularity numbers- we’re also looking for quality, game skill and community engagement. We’ll be plugging videos in this article, too. If not stream highlights, other content they’ve put on YouTube. Let’s begin!

Top Overwatch Streamers On Twitch


Ster is quite notable on this list. While he’s very popular in the Overwatch community for his streams and commentaries (including being friendly with the Blizzard dev team and taking part in the Overwatch World Cup), Ster actually got his start on YouTube. Ster started his career as a TF2 YouTuber, who moved over to Overwatch after its release and began playing this game competitively. Since then, his scene has greatly expanded and he’s been enjoying quite a lot of viewers as one of the top Overwatch streamers. You won’t always get direct responses in his streams, but Ster does make an effort to interact with his viewers. His quirky sense of humor combined with excellent skill and game sense make him a favorite to watch.


Seagull is notable as one of the top Overwatch streamers. This is because he’s extremely entertaining, and has been streaming the game since the closed beta. Additionally, he plays at the highest level competitively: this means that he’s able to give players insihgts on how to improve their play as just about every hero, though he mostly plays DPS heroes.


Like Ster and a number of others on this list, Numlocked comes from TF2. Unlike Ster, however, Numlocked was a high-level competitive player there: among the best in the world. Nowadays, he’s one of the top Overwatch streamers AND players, maining tank for the team Creation eSports. He streams quite regularly and often gives players a great insight into the mind of a competitive gaming veteran.


Coolmatt69 is a popular competitive Overwatch streamer, known for his deadly McCree and Widowmaker plays. Not everyone has mind-blowing hitscan aim, but Coolmatt most certainly does- if you see this guy in a game, you might want to Reinhardt so you aren’t quickly shot down!


Clockwork, like Ster, hails from another title: TF2. Like Numlocked, Clockwork was also a fairly skilled TF2 player, considered to be the best Scout in North America. Nowadays, Clockwork is a complete beast of a competitive Overwatch player. It’s clear that his experience as a fast-moving damage dealer carried over well to this game.


Shayed is a breath of fresh air for many Overwatch stream viewers. As one of the top Overwatch streamers, she’s one of the few that main Support heroes as opposed to everyone else, who typically main DPS-focused classes. For a more laid-back stream experience (and some insight on how to provide some grade-A support for your friends ingame) tune into Shayed’s Overwatch stream. Unfortunately, since Shayed doesn’t upload much content, we couldn’t find anything suitable for this article. However, you’re likely to see her on Seagull’s stream or her own!


Kephrii is noted as a deadly Widowmaker player, called by many the best Widowmaker player in the United States. Whether or not Kephrii has earned this title is up to you, but playing against his sniping is tantamount to suicide if you aren’t behind a shield. Tune into his twitch to take a look through is scope- then tell us if this top Overwatch streamer is worth the hype.


MOONMOON is a noted Overwatch player who regularly tops the stream list. He mainly plays tank heroes like Reinhardt, Roadhog and D.Va, and shows high profiency at all of them. He’s truly devoted to his streams, boasting regular streams of ten hours in length. If you’re watching MOONMOON, you’re in for the long (and heavy) haul.


Internethulk is a member of one of the best Overwatch teams, Team EnvyUs. He’s one of the top Overwatch streamersĀ and top Overwatch players, and through his streams you can get insight into his mindset. He’s one of the few top-level players who makes a point of playing nearly every hero at a competitive level, ensuring that he can adapt to whatever his team needs on a whim. He’s also very communicative, willing to speak directly to his stream viewers whenever they have any questions about the game or his strategies. He also managed to get Symetttra nerfed. No joke- he was so good atĀ Symettra of all heroes that she got nerfed. That’s gotta be an achievement.


Grego mains support and DPS while playing on another of the highest-ranking competitive Overwatch teams, Cloud9. Unlike Ster and many other streamers on this list, though, he’s actually quite quiet. He runs a calm stream while focusing almost solely on the game. While he does talk to his stream here and there, most of the time he’s focused on performing to the best of his ability. If you’d like to learn from one of the masters, you’d probably be best off sitting back and watching.

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