November 10, 2016

Free Twitter Followers: The Ultimate Guide To Growth On Twitter

Free Twitter Followers

Free Twitter Followers?

You don’t need to spend a cent to grow on Twitter. In this article, we at Grin will teach you how to get free Twitter followers.

What will this guide cover?

First thing’s first: just because this guide is telling you how to get free Twitter followers doesn’t mean we’re going to link you to some shady website that lets you click a button for a couple hundred bots. That doesn’t help you and that doesn’t help us. The only real way to get free Twitter followers is by working for them- but by utilizing the tips in this article, you can start organically growing your presence on Twitter and any other platforms you use for content creation.

The Basics: Set Up  Your Profile Properly

There’s a few key things to get out of the way before you start trying to grow on Twitter. First, make sure you have a nice-looking avatar and banner. If you represent a brand, or you are your brand, you want your profile to look as clean and professional as possible. People who see your profile should quickly understand who you are and what you do. Additionally, add relevant information to your bio. Setting your location is important for getting local followers and interactions, and a brief bio alongside a link to your resume is a great way to quickly get people acquainted with you. Now that you’ve set up a presentable profile, it’s time to start networking.

Interact With Local Stars/Businesses

Browse for local friends, businesses and stars. Once you’ve found them, follow them and interact with their posts- this will quickly get their attention, especially if you interact with them on a regular basis over a longer span of time. Starting local is a surprisingly effective way to earn yourself some free Twitter followers.

Interact With You Favorite Brands/Celebrities

This varies in effectiveness, but it’s also a good idea to occasionally Tweet at brands, stars and celebrities that you enjoy. These businesses often have employees dedicated to running their Twitter, so sometimes you might actually get direct interactions from them, which will effectively expose you to a larger audience. For instance, if you’re a YouTuber, starting a discussion with a larger YouTuber on Twitter may drive views to your own page. This can result in both free Twitter followers and free YouTube subscribers.

Browse Tags For Community Interaction

Surprisingly enough, being an active member of the Twitter community will earn you recognition and free Twitter followers. Mind-blowing, right? At any given time, there will always be live-trending hashtags on the left side of your home page. Tweet under these hashtags and respond to other people posting within them to start networking with other Twitter users. This one is pretty common-sense, but a number of people are seemingly blind to this usage of Twitter. Even if the hashtag isn’t trending, there’s plenty of times where there’s still people actively watching the tag. For instance, you know how a TV show might have a hashtag on the screen when it’s airing live? This is to drive live discussion to that hashtag, where people will be watching. So if you’re watching the latest episode of a TV show, find out what tag is used for that show and start live-tweeting under that tag. People will be browsing that tag to see other live reactions, and this is a great way to network with people of common interests.

Take Part In Competitions

Occasionally, a business, star or brand will decide to run some kind of Twitter competition. Comedy sites, for instance, may present you with an image and tell you to provide a caption. Other pages may request art or photography under a particular theme. The winners of these contests usually receive shoutouts and follows from much bigger pages, and even partaking in these contests can still earn you some recognition. For free Twitter followers, start taking part in these competitions when they pop up. Look for ones that have interesting tests of wit or skill. You won’t always get big rewards for taking part in these, though, so be sure to join competitions that you find genuinely fun or interesting so you’ve invested your time well.

Network With Follow-For-Follow

A classic on platforms like Twitter, follow-for-follow is a tried and true method of growing your following. Basically, by heading to hashtags like #follow4follow or #f4f, you can find users looking to partake in this practice. It’s simple and won’t get you a whole lot of exposure in the short term, but it’s still getting you free Twitter followers. Plus, if the other party has a decent following of their own, they may start retweeting your content and spreading your work. Trying to predict a viral tweet is like trying to catch lightning in a bottle, but you’d be surprised at what can catch on with the right combination of circumstances.

Share Your Content On Twitter

If you make YouTube videos, run a blog, stream on Twitch, etc, you should be tweeting whenever your content goes live. Using Twitter to share your content is a great way to get noticed, especially if you put it in the right hashtags and have the right people following you. For instance, if you’re about to stream Team Fortress 2, consider posting a link to your stream with the tags #twitch #tf2. Sharing and tagging your content in the right ways is sure to earn you free Twitter followers, since you’re providing them with valuable content.

Don’t Use Shady Sites/Services

If a site outright offering free Twitter followers or other ways to boost your numbers, you should be very cautious. More often than not, these sites are actually using a network of bots, so the number boosts will mean nothing. Additionally, using services like that can actually breach Twitter’s terms of service! Don’t look to artifically boost your numbers, in other words. Network with real creators for real growth on Twitter.

Use Legitimate Services To Your Advantage

Last but not least, let’s talk about us here at Grin. While we do offer a paid service to let you meet other, real content creators on many platforms, we also offer our blog. Our blog is full of informative posts just like this one, aimed to help you grow your following on Twitter, YouTube, Twitch and more. Stick around for helpful, high-quality content on growing your following as a content creator. Meanwhile, you can also check out our Grin Platform. The Grin Platform doesn’t yet offer free Twitter followers, but it does allow you to interact with real people, like you, selling shoutouts, collaborations and more.