November 8, 2016

How to Get Twitch FOLLOWERS

get twitch followers

Get Twitch Followers

In this article, we at Grin will tell you the best ways to get Twitch followers. Stick around to learn all you need to know about starting to grow!

Prerequisite: Be Prepared and Have Solid Branding

Before you get serious about Twitch, you need to make sure your channel looks the part. Get a custom channel banner, channel art, and a profile filled out, telling people who you are, why they should be watching you, and other stream-relevant information. What’s important at this early stage is that you have solid branding. Even though you have little-to-no followers, your channel still needs to look professional enough to encourage people to stick around.

Stream On A Regular Schedule

This may go without saying, but keeping a regular schedule is important for any type of content production. Streaming on a regular schedule will not only let your viewers know that you’re consistent, it’ll let newcomers know when to tune in, which will help you get Twitch followers. Commit to streaming at the same times each week for the best possible results.

Engage Regularly With Your Audience

One of the key differentiators between Twitch and a platform like YouTube is the ability to engage with your audience in Twitch Chat. Twitch Chat is one of the best ways for a creator and a viewer to interact with each other, and by responding to questions in your chat, joking back and forth with regulars, and even promoting people to moderator status once your audience grows, you can establish a relationship with your viewers. What sets Twitch apart from other video platforms is that relationship between the viewer and the streamer- if you work hard enough to maintain this, you can ensure viewer loyalty and retention. Getting random people to tune into your Twitch channel isn’t tough. To get Twitch followers, you need to properly engage with these people so they’re encouraged to stick around.

Perform Giveaways To Draw New Followers

A great way to drive new viewers to your channel is by hosting a giveaway. Everyone wants free stuff, so host a giveaway for your followers once you start growing, with incentives for them to share with their friends to make the giveaway goals even better. You can also host subscriber-exclusive giveways to encourage more people to put down the $5 to support your channel, but be careful not to do these too often, as they’ll often leave your followers feeling disillusioned. Make sure that everyone, even people who aren’t subbed or aren’t winning, feels like they’re a part of the event and are having a good time. A well-done giveaway will feel like a birthday party. Not everyone gets a gift, but everyone does get to partake in the feelings of festivity and fun. Playing a game or game-mode suited to this, with audience interaction, is a great way to keep this atmosphere going so people aren’t too focused on who is and isn’t winning the prizes.

Utilize Hosting And Twitch Raids

Hosting is a vital feature that’s exclusive to the Twitch platform. Basically, you can “host” another channel’s stream on your own to drive your viewers there when you’re not streaming. Typically, you want to host streams around the same size as you, either slightly smaller or slightly larger. Doing this will encourage your audiences to cross-pollinate, and letting the receiving streamer know about your host will typically earn you a new friend. Hosting another channel, especially after your own stream, is typically what’s called a “raid”, and using raids intelligently will keep your viewers engaged and help you get Twitch followers, too. By networking with other streamers on Twitch, you too can eventually get raided. Getting a host from a large channel is a great way for you to grow- to get that attention, make sure your streams remain high-quality and produced on a consistent schedule!

Don’t Cheat!

Last but not least, do not try to cheat the system. Viewbotting- paying sites for fake viewers- can get you outright banned from Twitch. Additionally, paying for fake followers or fake viewers will do nothing to actually grow your channel, just artifically inflate your stats. Don’t pay shady sites for shady services- just focus on providing quality content for your stream viewers, and you will get Twitch followers. In other words: build it, and they will come.

Learning More

Here at Grin, we’re dedicated to helping content creators like you grow their channels and brands, whether they’re on Twitch, YouTube or another platform. For more information on Twitch/YouTube growth, head to our blog. It’s full of informative posts just like this one. If you’d like to meet other Twitch streamers and content creators, you can also utilize our Grin Platform. This will allow you to pay for Twitch raids and collaborations with real streamers for organic growth.