January 11, 2017

14 Cool Things To Post On Instagram

cool things to post on instagram
If you’re here, chances are you’re trying to find cool things to post on Instagram. That’s the title, after all, and fortunately you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll be diving in deep to what you should be posting on Instagram and how you can use it to grow as a creator. We’ll also direct you to some of other resources to help you on your journey to Instagram growth, and with any hope you’ll come out of this better-equipped than ever to take the platform by storm.

How This List Will Help You

That being said, the goal of this article isn’t to give you a be-all, end-all guide of cool things to post on Instagram: rather, it’s to give you a place to start. If you start off with the entries in this list, you should be working well on your way to coming up with your own ideas and making your own excellent content. Following this correctly, you should start growing on Instagram. There is more to Instagram growth, of course, but for now let’s start simple: with what you should post to start with.

Cool Things To Post On Instagram

  1. Quotes – Find relevant quotes. From a philosopher, artist, historical figure…even a song, if you like. Take these quotes and put them over a nice-looking image, and there you go. Low-effort, relatively-speaking, but can net good results if you’re smart.
  2. Memes – No explanation needed. People love memes.
  3. What You’re Eating – Eating a tasty family recipe, or at a classy restaurant? Take a picture of what you’re eating! People love “food porn”, and this form of content is quite popular around the web.
  4. Product Shots – Whether a sponsored post (or you’re the business yourself) taking a great shot highlighting a product isn’t a bad idea. You can even take it to the next level by showing the product in active use.
  5. Kittens – Cat videos are the premiere form of Internet video for a reason. People love cute animals, kittens especially, and this will essentially get you free likes/comments, especially if it’s your own cat.
  6. Quality Videos – Instagram’s video support has actually opened the way to a new form of content on the platform.
  7. Your Business – Being a business owner in the modern age and not having a social media presence is ridiculous. Take advantage of Instagram to highlight your business!
  8. Babies – Had a kid? Know someone who just had a kid? People love that stuff.
  9. Your Home – Have a nice home you’ve put a lot of home and personality into? Share it with the world!
  10. Sunset Photos – People love sunsets. It’s the end of one day and the sign for others to begin. Find a nice-looking place in your town at sunset, and take a picture.
  11. Behind-The-Scenes Business – Compounding on the business entry, you can use Instagram to take pictures of your business behind the scenes. If you run a restaurant, you can show off kitchens and cooking. If you run, say, an IT business, you can show off the servers.
  12. Landscape Photos – Landscape photos are a great way to show off scenery in your area, and since Instagram is all about photography, people love that stuff. Get out, explore, and take some pictures.
  13. Your Coworkers/Employees – Self-explanatory. Show who you work with, especially if you’re getting up to shenanigans at work or after it.
  14. Puppies – Like kittens. People love cute animals- capitalize on it!

More About Instagram Growth

Instagram is a great and growing platform for creators all around the world. Since you’ve gone out of your way to find cool things to post on Instagram, chances are you already know that, and want to find more ways to improve your following on the platform. Fortunately, we have you covered. Read through and follow our blog for regular, in-depth, informative articles like this one. A few we recommend you read include our detailed guide to Instagram shoutouts, as well as our list of Instagram shoutout pages and the best video editing apps for Instagram. Using these blog posts, you should be well on your way to building the knowledge necessary for your Instagram growth. You can also check out the Grin Platform, to start buying and selling shoutouts and other services from Instagram creators just like you. Prices will vary, but Instagrammers of all shapes and sizes are on the Grin Platform, and by working with them you can find people to collaborate with, learn from and more.