December 29, 2016

The Top TF2 YouTubers: ArraySeven, Uncle Dane and More

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In this article, we’ll be tackling the best TF2 YouTubers, from ArraySeven, to Uncle Dane, and more. Stick around to find the best content creators in the TF2 community!

How do you choose the list?

In this list, we’ve selected TF2 YouTubers who are regularly active and offer high-quality video content. In addition to a few shoe-in famous ones (as well as some crossover from our list of streamers), we’ve also tried to draw attention to some lesser known TF2 talent with this article. Overall, you’re here looking for quality TF2 content, and this article should provide that for you.

Do you have other TF2 content?

In addition to this article, we also wrote a guide on the Top TF2 Streamers. Go over there if you’re less interested in video content and more interested in watching people stream, live, while you interact with them.

The List


ArraySeven is unique in the TF2 Community, as a full-blown Medic main. He got his popularity by creating videos around what’s known as “combat Medic-ing”, wherein a Medic uses their surprisingly-powerful melee and primary weapons to wreak havoc on TF2 servers. He’s since mellowed out a bit, but he still regularly produces TF2 content for his users to enjoy, and is definitely one of the best TF2 YouTubers to keep tabs on.


Muselk is currently the most popular TF2 YouTuber. Hailing from Australia, Muselk gained his popularity through rapid-fire uploads (daily videos, even!) that maintained a semblance of comedy and entertainment value. In recent times he’s started to branch out to Overwatch, but he offers a large archive of TF2 content and still regularly uploads TF2 gameplay. If you want someone you can tune into on a daily basis for a TF2/Overwatch fix (and somehow aren’t already subscribed), Muselk is your guy.


FunkE is, surprisingly, lesser-known among the TF2 YouTubers, but still has what could be considered a cult following. Unlike bigger players like ArraySeven or Muselk, FunkE uploads a bit less regularly, but with the caveat that his content is generally fairly high-quality due to a sense of perfectionism and high attention to detail in his content. FunkE is easy to recommend a sub too, but note that at times he might take a little while to upload.


Stabbystabby is probably the most prominent Spy Main in the game, and he earned that title by being one of the most active TF2 YouTubers in its early days. While his uploads have spaced out since his prime, Stabby is still improving and still teaching Spies all over new lessons and new techniques. Spy is considered by some to be one of the hardest classes to master in TF2, especially in Competitive. While swarms of new players play the class, only a few are effective: those that are probably learned a lesson or two at some point from Stabbystabby.

Chili Of Destiny

Chili of Destiny, or Nathan Vetterlain, is the Scout’s in-game voice actor. To be fair, most of his YouTube content is just stream archives, but he’s still a joy to watch for any fan of TF2 and is difficult not to recommend here, since those who aren’t tuned into his stream on a daily basis will end up missing a lot of the gold documented on his channel.


Yet another streamer entry, forgive me. I wouldn’t have used b4nny in this article about ArraySeven and the other best TF2 YouTubers at all…if his YouTube channel weren’t now doing daily uploads. While these daily uploads are from his streams, they’re tightly-edited and give viewers a peek into the world of TF2 played at the highest level of competitive skill. With that in mind, it’d be silly not to recommend a sub to someone as passionate about TF2 as b4nny is.

King Raja Games

King Raja can be controversial at times, but he still produces amazing content and shows great devotion to the health of TF2. King Raja is one of the few TF2 YouTubers who goes into a full-blown character (the aforementioned King Raja), who originates from his IRL stand-up comedy shows. King Raja is a wacky, egotistical Indian King of Kings, and the man behind Raja carries that bravado to great lengths, comedically-speaking. Highly recommended.


UEAKCrash is a mapmaker, first and foremost, but his channel offers access to a side of the TF2 community that not many people see. As a mapmaker, Crash focuses on his modern-day TF2 mapping tutorial, hoping to teach and inspire a new wave of TF2 mappers to continue providing content to the game a decade down the line from its release. In addition to providing a community service, Crash is a genuinely funny guy with a great sense of humor, so it’s hard not to recommend him here.

Grizzly Berry

Grizzly Berry is lesser-known, but a very talented TF2 YouTuber with friends all around the scene. King Raja, ArraySeven, Uncle Dane: you name them, Grizzly knows them. Grizzly often uses this in his videos, including his popular TF2 HORSE series, where he brings everyone together for a fun game night.

Red Robot

Red Robot went from a relatively-obscure TF2 YouTuber to one of the most prominent rising stars in the fandom. Just as we recommend big folks like ArraySeven and Muselk, smaller guys like Red Robot deserve all the recognition they can get. Check him out for consistently high-quality TF2 uploads.

Honorable Mentions

STAR and Jerma

While STAR and Jerma no longer take part in the TF2 community, the impact they’ve left on the scene and TF2 YouTubers is impossible to ignore. Head over to their respective channels and tune into the madness: there’s so, so much great content to watch from the both of them, and their influences can still be seen today in a number of other people on this list.

Learning More

And that’s it! That’s our list of the best TF2 YouTubers. We hope you enjoyed the content we’ve provided here. If you’re a YouTuber yourself and looking to grow as a content creator, take a look at our offerings: The Grin Platform offers access to a store where you can buy and sell shoutouts and other services from content creators just like you. Our Blog is full of detailed content pieces and articles just like this one, where we dive into both fun topics (like this) and detailed guides on growing as a creator on YouTube, Instagram and more.