August 24, 2016

The 14 best youtube collaborations of all time

Have you found your YouTube channel is in a bit of a rut? Perhaps you’re not driving as much traffic or growing at a rate you want. Sometimes there is only so much outreach and advertising you can do, which is why you need to look towards collaborations. Finding the best YouTube collaborations be be a process, but we’ve simplified it for you here. This has been a common staple in the blogging world for years. You guest blog for someone and they write a guest post for you. This basically is designed to bring in potential visitors who normally wouldn’t access your content. The same is true with the best YouTube collaborations. This makes it possible to bring in the views of a different creator. It helps potentially lead to new subscribers and continual visitors to your channel. Some of the top YouTubers do this from time to time as well. Here are 15 of the best YouTube collaborations of all time (in no particular order).

The best YouTube collaborations of all time

1. Chris and Jenny Bingham

Alright, so this one is a bit easier to do. After all, the two are brother and sister. However, the two did become independent personalities on YouTube. Creating a crossover with someone nearby is easy, so even if you have another company that works closely with you, you should take advantage of this collaboration potential. All additional visitors, views and subscribers helps. Plus, when it comes to Chris and Jenny, the two obviously have similar personalties and styles of humor, so it blends perfectly and has become one of the best YouTube collaborations online. [embedyt][/embedyt]

2. Dottie Martin and Patty Walters

These two seem to enjoy creating collaborations together. Now, they obviously live close by (or at least visit on a semi-regular basis). If you are looking for the best YouTube collaborations, you don’t need to necessarily be in the same city. You can actually just record and create a video for the other user’s channel. Of course, if you are able to record a video together, it does help (and helps increase the crossover value). [embedyt][/embedyt]

3. Jack Howard and Hazel Hayes

Hazel Hayes has her own popular YouTube channel called “Tipsy Talk” (although she has since changed the name to “Sober Speaking”). On the show, she will occasionally have guests appear on the station. Jack Howard has his own popular channel, so Hazel decided to bring him on as a guest for an episode. Having guests on a show can prove especially beneficial for boosting views. This is the case really with any form of media, whether it is a podcast, blog or YouTube video. You’ll also find this collaboration listed as one of the best YouTube collaborations ever. [embedyt][/embedyt]

4. Tim Hautekiet and Everyone

If you love creators, this is by far the best YouTube collaboration for you. The episode “What Have We Done?” brings together some of the top YouTube personalities. This includes Liam Dryden, Ben Cook, Lucy Evened and Bertie Gilbert. It is a who’s who of YouTubers and it might be classified as the greatest collaboration ever. However you rank it, you should at least check it out. The video is fun and it is well done, which gives it bonus points. [embedyt][/embedyt]

5. Becca Hodgekins and Alfie Deyes

These are two of the biggest YouTube personalities. Often times, to make it on YouTube, you need an over the top personality that makes people laugh. Both of these YouTubers meet the criteria, which is why this is one of the best YouTube collaborations. [embedyt][/embedyt]

6. BuzzFeed and Purina

This shows you can have a popular YouTube collaboration video created by two different marketing companies. BuzzFeed is constantly creating crossover content with the marketing branch of brands. In this case, it does so with Purina. When it came out in 2014, the video notched up nearly 19 million views. That is an exceptionally successful video. It pretty much shows the power of a strong marketing website and animals have. [embedyt][/embedyt]

7. Dude Perfect and Pringles

If you are a company looking to bring in new visitors, you may want to consider bringing in a YouTube personality. This is what Pringles did, where they showed off ping pong trick shots into Pringles containers. The company wasn’t afraid to have fun with their video, and in doing so they are now around 20 million views. Now, there are some attempted corporate collaboration videos that just feel pretentious and try too hard to be funny. This video works (as do the other possible large company collaborations) because they bring in a YouTube personality and let the individual do what they do best.

8. Christine Linnell, Lilly Singh and Kingsley

There really isn’t anything special about this video. Just three YouTube personalities sitting around, partaking in the “Jelly Bean Challenge.” It’s more just fun to see everyone together. Now, you should still provide quality content in your videos and something that will bring visitors back to your video, but don’t be afraid to have some fun with your collaborations. After all, the more fun you have with who you’re working with, the more likely everyone will want to create more content in the future.

9. Dude Perfect and Gillette

Alright, so Dude Perfect gets around. This is his second inclusion on the list. However, there is just something about trick shots everyone loves. He created this ping pong trick shot video (while in Gillette Stadium – home of the New England Patriots)) around the same time as Pringles. It’s possible Dude Perfect now has a lifetime supplies of Pringles and razors, but whatever he did, Dude Perfect helped generate the two companies over 17 million views in just 2014 (almost 53 million currently). [embedyt][/embedyt]

10. Toby Turner and Friends

When looking for the best YouTube collaborations, it is hard to not list this towards the top. In this video, it brings together personalities including Toby Turner, Gryphon, Rhett & Link and Gabuscus & Limbuscus. These individuals not only are YouTube personalities but have popular podcast stations. This is more of an interview based video (like video recording a podcast), but just seeing everyone together is a fun element. [embedyt][/embedyt]

11. Damian Walters and Pepsi Max

Pepsi Max has been doing this collaboration video idea for a while. The company regularly teams up with celebrities in order to perform pranks and different stunts. In this collaboration, Pepsi Max teamed up with Damian Walters, who is a professional stuntman and YouTube celebrity to run the “Loop” (which is typically performed by bikers and not by someone who is just running). [embedyt][/embedyt]

12. Laci and Phil

These two YouTube personalities have been in collaborations before, so it is always fun to see the two come together for another vide. You can say when it comes to the best YouTube collaborations out there, these two might be the best team. They aren’t related, so it has more playful chemistry than a brother and sister team, yet the two always seem to digress into dirty jokes. It is amazing how much fun a viewer can have when the people on camera are having fun. Remember that when producing your own YouTube collaborations. The more fun you have, the more fun the viewer is likely to have.  

13. Slow Mo Guys and GE

The Slow Mo Guys love to take just about anything and slow it down into super slow motion. Of course, they typically work with more household materials, but when teaming up with GE, it is possible to get into some really tech related material. It is one of the group’s most popular video now and illustrates the YouTube video collaboration idea works for even one of the largest corporations in the world. [embedyt][/embedyt]

14. Flula and Madilyn Bailey

Flula has made a name for herself on YouTube by creating some pretty entertaining musical mashups and singing (often in the car). So, when she brings on a guest, it is one of those videos that will either work extremely well, or their personalities won’t mesh. This is one that works out in an amazing way, which is what puts it as one of the best YouTube collaborations you’ll find online. [embedyt][/embedyt] While these are the top 14 best YouTube collaborations, it doesn’t mean you need to be Internet famous to do this. Collaborating on outreach methods is one of the best way to grow your numbers, without spending much in your marketing budget. By collaborating on content with other YouTube users, you can bring in subscribers from their channels. The great thing about YouTube is you’re not really competing with anyone. As there are no specific time slots, you don’t need to worry about losing these viewers to another channel. You just want to reach as many online visitors as possible, which is exactly what a collaboration does.