How to grow your following with the Grin marketplace.

Grin Marketplace
Here at Grin, we’ve shown a long standing commitment to YouTube creators. Our app has served as tool for meeting people to collaborate with for quite some time now, while our blog is full of helpful, informative posts about growing on YouTube and our YouTube channel is host to Creator Wire, a weekly YouTube news show. Between all of the work we’re doing, you might think we’ve exhausted our resources and capabilities: but with our knowledge of the industry and what creators need to succeed in it, we’ve managed to introduce the Grin Marketplace, which can be used not only by our app users, but also anyone with a YouTube account. Let’s talk about the features in Grin Marketplace, and more importantly, how these features can help you. [call_to_action color=”red” button_text=”Create FREE Account” button_url=””] Click here to get Shoutouts, Collaborations & MORE with a FREE account in Grin. [/call_to_action]


On YouTube, shoutouts are used to grant exposure to a channel, typically from a signficantly larger ones. Depending on the circumstances and the quality of the channel being shouted out, shoutouts can exponentially increase the audience that a channel enjoys on YouTube. For instance, one of the top YouTubers today (Jacksepticeye) got his big boost in popularity when a rising PewDiePie gave him a shoutout. Years later, and both of these YouTubers have skyrocketed to the very top in terms of subscribers, viewers and popularity. Not every channel will enjoy this big a boost, of course. A creator being exposed to the right audience, however, is what allows it to grow.

Why You Need Them

Exposure, exposure, exposure. There’s plenty of ways to get it, and there’s no harm in using the Grin Marketplace to pay for a shoutout for your channel. What’s important is that you find a YouTuber with an audience that is similar to the one you’re trying to grasp, and that you have your channel ready and presentable before you get a shoutout and have the chance to get people to subscribe to you en masse.

Critiques & Feedback

Getting proper critiques and feedback can be difficult, especially for a newer creator who doesn’t know other, more experienced creators who can criticize their work constructively. Any old person can identify poorly-made videos, but without experience, these same people will be unable to tell you how to properly go about fixing those issues. People who haven’t used video editing programs like After Effects or Sony Vegas won’t be able to tell you how to go about making better cuts, using better effects or changing your render settings, since they won’t know anything about them.

Why You Need Them

And that’s why having an experienced critic is so important! Developing at any craft, not just video editing, requires a lot of work and experience. Good feedback feeds that cycle so that you can continue to improve over time, making your videos better and better. Look at the earliest videos of your favorite YouTubers and compare that to where they are now. You’ll enjoy better sound and video quality, better editing and better effects because they got the feedback they needed to improve over time. With the Grin Marketplace, you can get the best feedback possible from more experienced creators.


Collaborations are a key part of your growth as a YouTuber, and come in many forms. These forms can be one-off collaborations on a certain video or topic, tackling a series together, and making cameos in each other’s work. All of the biggest YouTube stars regularly appear in the videos of other YouTubers, and this is quite intentional. Even for smaller audiences, two YouTubers who occupy the same niche can effectively expose their audiences to more work they would like. [call_to_action color=”blue” button_text=”Login Now” button_url=””] Find collaborations, get shoutouts & meet YouTubers on Grin’s Social Creator Marketplace. [/call_to_action]

Why You Need Them

Shoutouts have their boons, but collaborations take the same benefits and maximize them by creating real, tangible videos that the audiences of both channels get to enjoy. In addition to the amped-up exposure and subscriber crossover, you may also benefit from collaborating with more experienced YouTubers, who can give you a better idea of the ropes or give you new perspectives on what you already do. You can read our detailed thoughts about YouTube collabs here.[call_to_action color=”blue” button_text=”Login Now” button_url=””] Find collaborations, get shoutouts & meet YouTubers on Grin’s Social Creator Marketplace. [/call_to_action]

Art & Design

Artists and designers are unsung heroes on YouTube. While many YouTubers are completely capable of doing a lot of their high-end graphic work, a wide number of them aren’t, and instead approach professionals to create things like channel logos, intros and banners for their videos. Having a polished YouTube channel with sleekly-produced videos is something of an expectation for everyone on YouTube, but many operate under the mistaken assumption that all of this work needs to be done alone.

Why You Need Them

Because you’re not alone! You need to be willing to use all resources at your disposal to grow on YouTube. Other YouTube stars consult outside artists and collaborators to work with them all the time, and you should be no different. Using the Grin Marketplace, you can easily find artists and designers on YouTube who can help you with channel art, in-video graphics and more.

Music & Sound

Watching a YouTube video typically isn’t just a watching experience: it’s a listening one, too. Having appealing sound effects and background noises are key to a user’s enjoyment of a video: obvious stock sound effects are jarring and break immersion, and using copyrighted material can lead to strikes on your content or your channel as a whole.

Why You Need Them

Sound design is an underestimated part of a great viewing experience, but it’s there for a reason. If you deal primarily with video editing, you may not know the first thing about sound design or music composition, and this is okay! Fortunately for you, the YouTube community is a diverse one, full of people with different talents. With the Grin Marketplace, you can find musicians and sound designers who can help add an extra touch to your video. Music is often overlooked in videos, but that’s what good music and SFX does: it fits the scene so well that it doesn’t break immersion at all. [call_to_action color=”blue” button_text=”Login Now” button_url=””] Find collaborations, get shoutouts & meet YouTubers on Grin’s Social Creator Marketplace. [/call_to_action]

Motion & Editing

Finally, there’s the fact that you may be a creator on YouTube without a whole lot of motion graphics or video editing experience. While it’s good to develop these skills on your own eventually, it’s absolutely understandable to turn to experts in this field who already know what they’re doing: just because you don’t know how yet doesn’t mean your channel’s quality should suffer in turn.

Why You Need Them

Tightly-cut and designed video is a must for our modern age of quick content shareable on social media. As a content creator, you want to ensure the quality of your content, and without proper graphics or editing, your videos can look sloppy and¬†feel¬†sloppy by progressing at an uneven or too-slow pace indicative of inexperience. By using the Grin Marketplace to find motion and editing experts, you’re saving yourself the work and your users the irritation.[call_to_action color=”blue” button_text=”Login Now” button_url=””] Find collaborations, get shoutouts & meet YouTubers on Grin’s Social Creator Marketplace. [/call_to_action]


And that’s how you can benefit from using the Grin Marketplace! There’s a wide variety of content creators out there looking to work with you, give you shoutouts or help you increase the production values on your channel. Don’t be afraid to ask for a little help on your journey to grow on YouTube. In addition to our app and Grin Platform, we also offer a blog here at Grin. Read our blog for more informative posts like this one! [call_to_action color=”blue” button_text=”Login Now” button_url=””] Find collaborations, get shoutouts & meet YouTubers on Grin’s Social Creator Marketplace. [/call_to_action]