November 17, 2016

Top TF2 Streamers On Twitch: b4nny, SLIN and More

In this article, we at Grin discuss the top TF2 streamers on Twitch, including major names like b4nny and Uncle Dane. Stick around to see the best in TF2 streams!

How do you choose the list?

Team Fortress 2, or TF2, is a massive free-to-play shooter on Steam, developed by Valve Software. Even now, almost ten years after release, TF2 continues receiving content updates and has a small, but strong community of content creators and streamers. We’ve chosen this list based on a few key factors. In addition to popularity, we considered community favorites and viewing diversity when selecting this list of top TF2 streamers. The people on this list have a positive reputation, have made great contributions to the game’s competitive scene, or are noted content creators in the community. Additionally, you’ll see we’ve embedded videos in this article. Not all of these are stream highlights, but we’ve chosen the videos we feel most demonstrate the streamer’s personality,, so you know what you’re getting if you tune into their stream. With no further ado, let’s begin!

The Top TF2 Streamers On Twitch


b4nny tops this list, just as he does the streams whenever he airs. b4nny isn’t only one of the top TF2 streamers: b4nny is also one of the best competitive TF2 players in the world, and has held this title for years. As one of the few players that’ve been loyal the game since launch, b4nny has over 14,000 hours of practice in the game, hours spent mastering the intricacies of competitive Demoman, Scout and Soldier. His stream provides a laid-back environment where players can ask anything they like about competitive TF2, as well as directly interact with the biggest player in the scene.


Tagg is popular as a content creator, producer and former competitive player in the TF2 scene. While he once played on a team with b4nny, nowadays he spends his days playing TF2 and other assorted titles with other noted members of the TF2 community. He has low tolerance for spam, but is generally relaxed, friendly and entertaining to watch. He’s a classic staple in this list of top TF2 streamers.


Mr. SLIN is a high-level competitive Medic player in TF2. Most of his streams are spent in PUGs (pick-up games) with other competitive players, and he’s very friendly with his audience when he streams. Notably, he’s also a Twitch employee- this means that occasionally, you may see some of his coworkers pop in.


Like b4nny, WARHURYEAH is a reknowned TF2 competitive player, known in his day as one of the best of the best. While he’s no longer an active player in the scene, he still streams and proves to be fairly entertaining while doing so. He’s also often found casting competitive games and making appearances at TF2’s international LANs, such as the Insomnia Festival.

Uncle Dane

Uncle Dane, also known as Uncle Dane The Engie Main, is a high-level competitive Engineer main. While there are other, better Engies out there (Sigafoo later in this list is one of them), Dane has the distinction of also being a popular YouTuber. His streams are generally goofy and relaxed, but he loves sharing his game knowledge with his stream viewers. Just be careful- with all of the people watching, it might be tough for him to catch your message the first time.


Getawhale is another major name in the TF2 community, known for his work as a caster at most major TF2 LANs. In addition to his work producing and casting competitive TF2, Getawhale is also generally considered to be a funny guy to watch. Since the latest TF2 international LAN, Getawhale has taken to actively streaming on Twitch, something that his fans are fairly happy with.


Stabbystabby is a reknowned competitive TF2 Spy main. Like b4nny, he’s one of the most recognized names in competitive TF2. As a long-time loyal player dedicated to Spy play, Stabby shares his taste in chill tunes and backstabbing with everyone who tunes into his stream. Highly recommended for any Spy main looking to get better at their class.


Like Uncle Dane, Sigafoo is a high-level Engineer. Like b4nny, he’s known as one of the best players in his class: as the inventor of such Engineer techniques as “The Sigafoo Save”, Sigafoo is one of the most popular names in TF2 and easily the best Engineer in the game. He runs an active stream with plenty of moderators and community interaction, and he’s generally pleasant to be around. A focus on community makes him one of the top TF2 streamers.


FUNKe, unlike b4nny or other players on this list, doesn’t get his notoriety from being a competitive TF2 player (though he has played comp). Instead, FUNKe is generally known for his dry, sarcastic sense of humor, a sense of humor that made him quite popular on TF2 YouTube, and therefore among TF2 Twitch streamers by proxy. A FUNKe stream is typically occupied by him and a few of his friends, alongside his music (usually Weezer) and occasional strange branches into the meta and unexpected, including a stream where he used a 3D avatar of an anime girl.

Chili Of Destiny

Last but certainly not least, there’s Chili of Destiny. This guy isn’t a competitive player like b4nny or a YouTuber like Uncle Dane. Instead, he’s a voice actor– more accurately, the voice actor behind the Scout, one of the playable characters in the game. As the Scout voice actor, Chili enjoys playing TF2 with his fans and doing Scout voice lines for donations. Popular examples include him singing the Pokemon song in-character as the Scout, or playing TF2 as Scout, using his Scout voice within in-game voiec chat. For an entertaining stream with a voice actor (as well as some secret peeks at what’s coming next for TF2), tune into his stream!

More On Twitch Growth

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