September 6, 2016

A YouTube Promotion Service Overview

youtube promotion service

YouTube Promotion Service

Today, we at Grin will be telling you all you need to know about approaching a YouTube promotion service.

What’s a YouTube promotion service?

YouTube promotion services are all around the web, and usually offer at least one of the following forms of promotion:
  • Views. Self-explanatory.
  • Subscribers. Self-explanatory.
  • Advertising. Advertising in this context can take a few different forms. Usually this means advertising your video across various social media outlets in an attempt to make it go viral.
  • Press release. Press releases are typically reserved for things like music videos/TV episodes/etc. In this case, they’ll write a press release about your video/show that they’ll distribute to press members for them to post on their sites about, giving your content a wider reach.
  • Distribution. This can mean simply sharing your video, or it can mean taking it to other platforms as well, such as Facebook, Twitter, or even TV. Letting these businesses handle distribution typically helps you reach a wider audience, but not all the views will come to you directly.

What are my main options?

YouTube Promoter

Promo Type: Advertisement, Views, Likes
Target Audience: Anyone
YouTube Promoter is the oldest, most popular YouTube promotion service we could find. They offer guaranteed results with 1000 views and 50 likes, starting at $15. Aside from views and likes, however, they don’t really offer anything else.


Promo Type: Advertisement, Views, Comments
Target Audience: Anyone
PushViews offers its services on a weekly basis, and offers 1000 views a week starting at $10. Higher tiers of their service begin to offer social media promotion and SEO services at reasonable increments. Price-wise, it’s better than YouTube Promotions, and the features on offer are better as well.

Yo! Promotions

Promo Type: Advertisement, Distribution, Press Release, Views
Target Audience: Artists/Musicans
Yo! Promotions is a legitimate business that offers a YouTube Boost service. They offer social media posting/advertising, distribution and press releases on top of the views, and most frequently work with independent musicians and artists. Unfortunately, this YouTube promotion service doesn’t make its pricing information available right off the bat. This is an issue for this article’s sake, and could possibly mean that their pricing is inconsistent for different customers: remember and keep this in mind if you choose to contact them for a consultation.

Should I even use these?

Of course, reading this article, you may have a few questions. How can you be sure that these services are legitimate? Do these views count, can you get in trouble for using these services? Well, you shouldn’t get in trouble for using these services. YouTube tends to attack the vendors for things they consider misuse, less so the customers who waste their money on it. That being said, no, there’s absolutely no realistic guarantee that the views or likes you’ll receive are coming from real people. This means that you aren’t going to get ad revenue, and you aren’t going to get any real popularity, just an artifical boost of numbers. There’s a fair chance that a few of these platforms provide a legitimate YouTube promotion service, but personally we don’t consider that very likely.

Can Grin provide an alternative?

So instead, we’re going to tell you about our market, Grin. Grin is a marketplace that you can use to connect with other, real content creators like you who want to work together on videos and help you grow as a creator. The benefits of YouTube collabs are huge, and a social media platform that allows you to meet potential collaborators is a great way to help you grow your channel. Of course this is a review of the Grin Platform. We aren’t selling views, though- we’re selling services. These services can include shoutouts from bigger YouTubers, critique and feedback from your fellow creators, collaborations with bigger YouTubers, and experts with all kinds of video editing/production. The benefits of these services are immense. Some of the biggest YouTubers around got that way thanks to shoutouts and collaborations, while other services can help you grow as an individual creator. With our artists, designers, audio technicians and motion editors on the Marketplace, you can also pay for services you might not know how to do on your own. It’s important that your channel look professional. What’s most important to us is that we aren’t offering you fake benefits or false information. For more informative articles on YouTube topics, read over our blog. And if you’re interested in Grin or any of our services, just head to our main page!