September 23, 2016

Top Twitch Streamers

top twitch streamers
Like on other platforms, following people on Twitch is a good way to figure out what you can be doing to improve. The top Twitch streamers are those who use the platform to its fullest, and whether you’re a budding creator or a fan, this list should give you more insight on those people.

What is Twitch? Why should I care?

Many of you reading this article may be surprised. This is our first big article covering Twitch as a platform, and Twitch is a bit of a far cry from YouTube, which is our usual platform of choice for these topics. This list of the top Twitch streamers is meant to assist those hoping to join the platform to expand their brand, as well as any fans wondering where to find the best in streaming entertainment. Twitch itself is a streaming platform. You can stream most things on Twitch, but above all else Twitch focuses on gaming. Because of this, all the top Twitch streamers we talk about in this article are gamers. (We won’t be talking about developers who stream on Twitch, though- the highest-followed/viewed channel on Twitch is RIOT Games, not an individual streamer).

Top Twitch Streamers – By Game

In this article, we’ll talk about the most prominent Twitch streamers in the community for each of these games. Many of the top Twitch channels are simply developer channels or are otherwise run by competitive leagues/large groups: in this article, we’re focusing on the most prominent individuals in each scene.

League of Legends

  • Nightblue3. Nightblue3, or Rabia Yazbek, is one of the most popular streamers on Twitch as a whole. He streams League of Legends fill-time and is known for his amazing record in competitive, as well as the insight he gives to his stream viewers.
  • Imaqtpie. Michael Santana has been called the best player in North America. While this title is hotly contested, his Twitch following isn’t only based on that: his sense of humor carries him to the top.
  • SivHD. Siv isn’t just a streamer, he’s also a YouTuber. With YouTube and Twitch alongside each other, Siv has grown his following immensely.
  • Voyboy. Voyboy is regarded for his high-level skill and insight for the scene.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

  • AdreN. Eric Hoag is one of the most informative CSGO streamers there are. He’s definitely one of the top Twitch streamers for CSGO, and he doesn’t stop there, either, since his YouTube channel is also chockful of tutorial videos on improving in CS.
  • n0thing. One of the best competitive players in North America, Jordan Gilbert has earned his place at the top of this list. Like many other CSGO streamers, he explains as much as he can to every viewer. Unlike some, he explains it all, down to nearly every move and why he’s doing it.
  • ScreaM. Adil Benrilitom is infamous for his sheer raw aim ability. As a streamer, though, he’s usually on the quieter side.
  • m0E. Mohamad Assad is one of the more upbeat streamers. While he’s a fairly skilled player, he flavors his stream with a lot of humor and silly, overblown reactions. Many top CS streamers are there because of educational value or mechanical skill: this guy is a bit more personable.


  • Ratsmah. Ratsmah is special for focusing on the “Arena” format of Hearthstone, unlike most players. Due to his focus on this format, he’s by far one of the best Arena players, and is interesting to watch thanks to his unorthodox methods.
  • TrumpSC. No, this isn’t a political ad. TrumpSC is a former Starcraft player who now focuses on teaching his followers everything there is to know about playing Hearthstone, ever since 2013.
  • Dog. Besides having the best possible name, Dog is a beast in the competitive scene and a calm, cool guy to watch.
  • Hafu. Hafu sticks out as the only woman on this list. She’s another champion of the Arena format, and like Dog, she maintains a cool, calm demeanor on her stream.

Dota 2

  • Purge. Purge is the guy new players watch to start getting into the game. He isn’t high in the competitive scene, but he is a prominent content creator and has great game knowledge.
  • Arteezy. Arteezy, or Artour Babaev, is by far one of the best players in the world. However, he’s mostly known for his team-hopping: he constantly alternates between Evil Geniuses and Team Secret, two teams at the top of the scene.
  • !Attacker. Mohammed Almheiri, or !Attacker, is known mostly for running Kunkka and using unusual builds. He’s a tactical innovator, though, and has managed to breach 8K MMR despite not playing competitively.
  • SingSing. SingSing is one of the best players in the game. His skills are just as sharp as his tongue and his wit, which has earned him his place as one of the top Twitch streamers for Dota 2.

Closing Notes

This is our list of the most prominent streamers for the most prominent games on Twitch. There are, of course, a countless number of other prominent streamers for each scene, but for this list we chose to focus on distinct individuals in each scene. Here at Grin, we normally cover YouTube. The Grin Platform is designed to streamline growth on social in different ways. However, we’re expanding soon to other platforms, and that includes Twitch! For more on growing as a content creator, stick around and read our blog.