October 25, 2016

The Best Websites To Promote YouTube Videos

The Best Websites to Promote YouTube Videos
Finding the best websites to promote YouTube videos may seem hard at first, but in truth the best promotional platforms are ones you already use every day. In this article, we’ll discuss those platforms, why they’re effective, and why you should be promoting your videos in the first place.

Why promote my YouTube videos?

The more green among you may wonder why promotion of your videos is considered such a necessity. You may already have subscribers, and trust Google’s recommendation system/their word of mouth to do all the work for you. And for many of the biggest stars, this very well can be the case. However, it’s typically better for you to go out of your way to do it on your own. You want to be the one doing it so that you have firm control of your brand, an appearance that is attractive to other brands. Yeah, sure, if you leave it alone, someone might post your videos elsewhere every now and again: but if you go out of your way to do it each time, your way, you’re more likely to succeed. Promotion has one simple goal: making sure that your content gets out there, and you have a chance to earn new subscribers. Your content still might spread on its own, but taking extra care to promote your content with these websites to promote YouTube videos will certainly be worth the effort. Additionally, YouTube promotion can eventually lead to YouTube sponsorship.

Websites To Promote YouTube Videos


First up is Twitter. Find hashtags applicable to your content, and tag your post accordingly with a short link to your video. Any character space remaining can be used as a title/description to catch people’s interest. With the right tagging and words, you just might find yourself getting in on those sweet, sweet Twitter views.


Tumblr, like Twitter, is mostly tag-based. However, the tags you can use on Tumblr are nigh unlimited- feel free to go crazy with all the tags you’d like your video to appear in. Tumblr posts have the room for a full title and description, which you’re welcome to copy over from YouTube. Adding extra details or a link to your Tumblr blog is something you can do to add to engagement, and posting special content on your Tumblr will add value to the platform for your fans.


Facebook functioned before tags, but now it, too, uses them. With Facebook tagging, you’re best-off using the single most relevant tag that pertains to your video. You’ll have room for your URL and whatever you want to add, and FB offers you the ability to post to a fan page. Using fan pages will put all your content in one place on Facebook, and give your audience a place to interact directly with you. Facebook may not quite be one of the best websites to promote YouTube videos, but to promote you, it still remains effective.


Last but certainly not least, there’s Reddit. Reddit is by far one of the best places to promote content on the Internet, and Reddit knows this. The thing is, you can’t just hop onto Reddit and start throwing around your videos and tags. Before anything else, you need to start taking an active part in Reddit subcommunities, called subreddits. Find subreddits relevant to you/your interests/your videos, and participate in them. Upvote and downvote content, comment regularly on the topics you see come through. You’ll be engaging with people of similar interests on Reddit. Rules on self-advertisement differ according to subreddit, but most of them are fine with you posting your own content so long as you’re also actively engaged with the community, and aren’t using the platform solely for self-promotion. Meeting requirements, though, posting your content on Reddit is a great way for it to get out there. The quality of your content and the whims of the users of various subreddits will likely vary depending on the day, but Reddit is one of the best websites to promote YouTube videos. This is because if it does get positive votes, it’ll make it to the front page of that subreddit- potentially the front page of Reddit itself if it’s big enough- giving it massive exposure to exactly the kind of audience you’re aiming for. Tags don’t mean anything on Reddit, though. You’ll be posting your video as a link. Typically you want to change your Reddit post title to something catchy and attention-grabbing as opposed to going with your default video title, but sometimes you can just leave that option alone.

How can Grin help me?

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