July 26, 2022

The Best Instagram Bio Ideas

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In this article, we’re going to tell you all you need to know about your Instagram bio, as well as the best Instagram bio ideas to make sure that you stick out on Instagram!

What’s the importance of my Instagram bio?

Simply put, it lets people know who you are. It contextualizes the rest of your profile and what you’re posting. Typically people will first see one of your photos before your profile, at which point they’ll go from your photo to your profile to learn more about you. Your profile is a way to pitch yourself, quickly, to perspective followers. It’s to give all the information they need to know to find you relatable and interesting, and encourage them to explore the rest of what you have to offer on Instagram.

There are other influential factors in what makes you popular on Instagram- for instance, just posting good content- but going the extra mile to make sure every last bit of your profile is up to snuff will leave a lasting initial impression.

Basic Instagram bio ideas

There are multiple ways to start out your Instagram bio. You may be looking here for the best Instagram bio ideas for something to just copy and paste into your bio: but you shouldn’t be doing that. You have multiple choices on how to execute a personalized Instagram bio, and while these Instagram bio ideas will give you a good place to start, ultimately it’s up to you to create a bio that keeps people interested in seeing the rest of your content.

Give basic information – age, gender, profession

List your name, age, gender, and what you do for a living. This sets a baseline answer for who you are and what you do, which is one of the first questions people have for new people they meet. Establishing this basic information may not sound very helpful, but it can often result in kinship with those who are at a similar age and place in their life.

The additional details you’ll want to list below can also help you be more relatable.

Detail hobbies – art, sports, gaming, etc.

What are your main hobbies? Are you an artist? Are you a gamer? Do you play football or basketball? Consider your absolute favorite hobbies and include a snippet or two about them within your bio. If you post frequently about one of these hobbies, you should make especially sure to highlight them here!

Detail content – nature, food, life-blogging, etc.

What will you be posting on your Instagram? What can people expect to see here? If you’re more content-oriented than personal blog-oriented, you can get down to business by telling people the content they can expect on your page. If you’re posting nature photos, let them know that’s your focus- if you’re posting memes, let them know that‘s your focus. So on, so forth.

How to execute the best Instagram bio

Now, let’s give our best Instagram bio ideas that center around execution. You know the four main things you can do with an Instagram bio, now it’s time for you to learn how to execute it to its fullest potential.

Understand limitations

First off, understand your limits. You only have 150 characters to tell first-time viewers all they need to know about you and your page to get them hooked. To many, that’s a pretty steep task, but if you’ve ever used Twitter, you’d know that 150 characters are plenty to make a joke or a sharp point.

Even so, you can’t do a full write-up about yourself and your Instagram, so…

Pick apart the best/most relevant information

What’s the most relevant? For a personal Instagram, that’s usually your age, your gender, your profession, and the hobby most relevant to your Instagram. For a more content-based Instagram page, that’s simply what kind of content people can expect by browsing your page. Enjoy a particular brand of comedy or photography? This is where you let them know that.

Don’t use quotes – Usually

Quotes are common among Instagram bio ideas, but here’s the problem: chances are that quote already comes from a celebrity, a historical figure, or a song. Not only will this fail to tell a person a whole lot about you, but it will be much less impactful to people who don’t have the pre-existing knowledge to get the reference, and if it’s “pop-y” enough, they’ll just find it kind of generic.

If you’re going to use a quote, use a quote from a friend that you believe sums you up as a person. The author’s personal favorite was when someone said “some users are vulgar and inappropriate”, indirectly describing the author. The author then used this as a quote for both its comedic value and its element of truth.

Quotes are still a risky play, though. The other options are all better for making sure people know what to expect.

Set yourself apart

Finally, set yourself apart. Find a way to make your presentation interesting. For instance, you don’t just have to say “Age – 21, Sex – Male, Artist”. That’s dull and lifeless. Say something like “Hi, I’m Mike. I’m a 21-year old waiter-by-day and artist-by-night!”. Never dully recite information. Focus on presentation.

Learning more

Speaking of information and presentation, we hope you enjoyed ours! Here at GRIN, we’re dedicated to helping spur the growth of content creators all over the country. If you want to learn more about content creation, SEO, and other hot tips, stay tuned to our blog.