September 16, 2016

How To Get Shoutouts on Snapchat

shoutouts on snapchat

Shoutouts on Snapchat

Getting shoutouts on Snapchat can be difficult, especially for someone just starting out. In this article, we’ll tell you how to get started.

Why do I want shoutouts on Snapchat?

Now, let’s get a disclaimer out of the way. Snapchat currently does not pay creators. Compared to something like YouTube, where you can get ad revenue from people coming to your channel, you may be wondering why you should care about Snapchat growth at all.

The main reason you should care about Snapchat growth is to strengthen your personal brand and get a direct link to your fans from other platforms. Snapchat’s nature feels a lot more close-up and personal than Twitter or Facebook, and is a far cry more intimate than most YouTube vlogs. Snapchat never feels scripted or overly-produced, since it’s all just a quick video from the phone of your favorite stars, celebrities or friends.

Despite this, Snapchat is rising quickly in popularity as an advertising platform. This is because brands are seeing it as a way to quickly get engaged with their users through the in-app ads, in addition to…other means. You see, the top Snapchat stars aren’t just Snapchatting for the fun of it. Through brand deals with sponsors, they’re adding product placement into their Snaps to subtly promote these brands for money.

So there is cash in Snapchat, but only at the top. Even without the cash, Snapchat in general is a great way to help audience engagement and social outreach.

So, how do you get shoutouts on Snapchat?

In what ways can I get them?

Buying Them From Certain Services

One way to get shoutouts on Snapchat is to simply start buying them. People may speak different languages, but money is considered a universal translator for a reason. One of the most popular outlets for buying Snapchat shoutouts is on Fiverr, where creators and freelancers offer various services for 5 dollars a pop. In this case, these creators will offer you a shoutout to thousands of people for just $5.

Your content obviously needs to be appealing for them to stick around, but that’s a very wide range of people who will see you. Due to the way Snapchat works,  their followers will end up tapping through their various Snaps, including the one with your shoutout. You will be seen, one way or another, by a fairly large number.

Reaching Out To Popular Snapchat Stars

Another option is to reach out to people are who are already popular on Snapchat. Some big Snapchat stars may be looking for people and brands with similar interests, and if you fit that category and can connect with them, chances are they won’t mind giving you a shoutout in one of their Snaps. Some of these Snapchatters will even go so far as to let you host their Snapchat for a short period of time!

Advertise Yourself On Social Media

Another option is the tried-and-true social media form. This doesn’t necessarily count as getting shoutouts on Snapchat, since you’re essentially shouting yourself out, but there’s many online communities where you can post your Snapchat info and get people to follow you. Common social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter work to get the information out there, but others do, too.

For instance, Reddit’s Snapchat community is full of people trying to get their content out there/trying to get to know each other. Shoutouts can be very helpful for growth on any platform, but sometimes you might be suited to go out on your own and networking/boosting yourself of your own volition. The results this gets might just surprise you.

How does Grin factor into this?

Finally, there’s the writing on the wall. If you’re familiar with our site, you’ve likely grown used to us covering YouTube exclusively. What you might not know is that we at Grin are expanding, and this means that we’re eventually going to cover as many platforms as possible for creators, not just YouTube.

So, yes, we’ll be offering Snapchat support in the near future.

For now, we might still be able to help you. Many growing Snapchat stars are doing so alongside another social media presence- for many of you, this is YouTube. Our list of the top YouTubers on Snapchat should attest to the crossover between platforms.

Here at Grin we have our market where YouTubers can pay for various art/design services, as well as shoutouts, collaborations, critiques and more.

Finally, there’s our blog. Our blog is full of informative posts just like this one, aimed to help you grow as a YouTuber, Snapchat user or a brand. Stick around for more!