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If you’re already partnering with brands, you may be emailing back and forth, waiting a long time to receive free products, or having difficulty getting paid. However, GRIN seeks to make creator management and partnerships as easy as possible for both brands and creators. 

When brands work with GRIN for Creator Management, creators get:

Access to their “under the hood” metrics, such as engagement rate, follower demographics, audience insights, and more

Numerous payment options to get paid on time in a way that works best for them

Hand-picked products to include their content 

More efficient communication from brand partners

A tracking dashboard to see conversions and payouts they’ve earned 

GRIN powers authentic brand partnerships. 

GRIN knows how powerful you, the creator, are. Your thumb-stopping content and connection to your audience make you truly unique. As the leading Creator Management platform, GRIN wants to help you leverage your influence to build brand partnerships and get paid.

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“I love the convenience of having everything under one roof. From influencer outreach, to communication, and partnership details + reporting. I have used other platforms before and this is by far the best one out there with the most capabilities!”

Jessi Van Blarcom, Partnerships Manager at Branch Basics

“When we got started with GRIN, our influencer program was non-existent and, frankly, we didn’t have a strong idea in place for developing it. The educational resources GRIN provided (video content and seminars) immediately helped us to kickstart our program and were critical in both the launch and growth of our program. Even more helpful was GRIN’s software, which allowed us to easily discover influencers, conduct outreach, define clear expectations when onboarding creators to our program, track performance and attribute revenue, and build a strong relationship with every partner. Over a year later, and we are working with 250 active influencers, who assist with our product launches and continuously promote their favorite products. We’ve had two account managers who are both exceptional and the support at GRIN is top-notch as well. Overall, we couldn’t recommend GRIN enough!”

Anya Grunewald, Marketing Associate at Native Pet

“Organizing campaigns in Grin based on different goals and KPI’s, while being able to assign influencers to multiple campaigns. I have built out different campaigns for our gifting program, ambassador program, social affiliates, and paid content creators. I especially enjoy the ease of customizing campaigns to align with what you are seeking (deliverables, payment, and content rights).”

Kamila Orzech, Influencer Marketing Coordinator at Gainful

“GRIN allows influencer marketing to scale at any business type. Their support team is incredible and very quick to respond to any questions you may have which is great for new users. If you are looking to do mass gifting programs or manage your creator database, GRIN is the best choice for you. They allow integration to your e-commerce platform as well as fulfillment with suitable platforms.”

Jenny Ly, Senior Influencer Marketing Manager at Weee!

“GRIN is great for a variety of scenarios, if you want to find creators to work in a simple manner, their “Creator Search” is top-notch with a variety of filters to help narrow the search. Also being great for building a campaign and activating creators, the new “Activation” function is much easier to use than “Partnerships” before and less time-consuming. I can’t think of when a scenario when GRIN is less appropriate, if you aren’t a customer already, then that’s not an ideal scenario!”

Mike Martorano, Head of Partnerships & Influencer Marketing at Fresh N Lean

“GRIN made it quick to reach out to potential ambassadors, manage them by adding them to specific campaigns we created, saving content for brand awareness, being able to send weekly newsletters to communicate with each ambassador to keep them motivated, incentivized to continue to keep sharing content which equaled more sales = higher revenue and ROI!”

Lauren Maxwell, Influencer Marketing Manager at Athletic Greens

“Absolutely enjoy using GRIN. It makes organizing my creator list 10x easier than using an Excel sheet. Additionally, I love that they recently upgraded their chrome extension to import creators from ALL social media platforms. I love that I’m able to easily categorize the creators and differentiate which social media platform they perform best on. Being able to pull their analytics from GRIN helps me decide whether the creators’ engagement and followers are credible.”

Lily Yang, Influencer Marketing Coordinator, City Beauty

“We had a mess of a program prior to onboarding GRIN! Since bringing it into our company we have seen a huge increase in brand ambassadors, a huge increase in ROI, as well as a HUGE increase in the work that is able to be done in the same 9-5 workweek. GRIN manages everything from start to finish with a campaign it truly is the Ferrari of influencer software and has taken our program to new heights. If you have an ambassador/affiliate program that you are having trouble managing, are at a plateau with, or are looking to revolutionize your processes and results GRIN is for you. If you are looking to start an ambassador/affiliate/influencer program, let GRIN take you there. This is the only software you will ever need, and it truly takes care of business!”

Olivia Schappert, Director of Influencer + Social Media Marketing at Colson Health, Inc

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Refer a brand, get paid by GRIN

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