August 9, 2022

How the Most Popular Female Twitch Streamers Are Changing the Game

6 photos of female Twitch streamers

When it comes to Twitch top streamers, most people think of men. That’s probably because a February 2022 survey revealed only nine of the top 200 streamers on Twitch were women.

Despite this large disparity, women still show up and claim their place on the platform. 

This tenacity makes female Twitch streamers unstoppable, and now, more and more brands are looking to build partnerships with these powerhouses. 

Gaming isn’t just for men. 

While most Twitch users are male, women are quickly flocking to the platform to share their love for gaming, too. 

And while men make up the majority of people playing console and computer games, women dominate the mobile space.  

Three pie charts illustrate the demographic profile of U.S. gamers by device and gender. 
Image via eMarketer

Three pie charts illustrate the demographic profile of U.S. gamers by device and gender. 

  • Mobile-only gamers:
    • Male: 25%
    • Female: 75% 
  • Console gamers:
    • Male: 65%
    • Female: 35% 
  • Desktop/laptop gamers:
    • Male: 66% 
    • Female: 34% 

In fact, a February 2022 survey revealed that more women reported playing video games daily than men. 

In a field long dominated by men, women are making a name for themselves. Streamers like pokimane and Valkyrae are some of the leading Twitch content creators, and many women are looking to change the platform for the better by advocating for stronger community guidelines and content moderation. 

This community is also growing fast. In 2017, women made up only 18.5% of users, but now they’re taking up more real estate at 35%

female Twitch streamer playing video games on a controller

How Twitch helps streamers develop a loyal following 

Unlike TikTok, where the default is a 3-minute-or-less video, a live stream on Twitch can last anywhere from minutes to hours. In fact, it’s not uncommon for a stream to be between 3 to 6 hours long. When combined with the streamer’s ability to respond in real time to comments, these factors allow for users to feel much more connected to a content creator. 

This high level of trust can also make streamers ideal partners for brands, as their audiences will be more likely to take their recommendations to heart. In fact, an August 2020 survey revealed that 24% of respondents would like to discover new brands and products through a live stream with the influencer using the product.

These partnerships can be a great way to monetize your stream. If brands are reaching out, make sure you only work with brands whose products you love. Your followers can tell when you’re promoting something just for a paycheck, which can lead to a loss of trust. 

Brands partnering with female Twitch streamers 

Aim Lab 

Aim Lab, a first-person shooting game training tool, partners with content creators like LuLuLuvely to promote their product. By focusing on streamers known for their virtual shooting skills, Aim Lab can reach viewers hoping to become just like their favorite gamers. 

Red Bull Gaming 

Red Bull Gaming partners with streamers, including AnneMunition, to reach the esports community in a variety of ways, including product placement in the middle of a stream and utilizing influencers as spokespeople at events like PAX East.


In order to promote their new Animal Crossing collaboration, Colourpop developed their own Animal Crossing island that players could visit and partnered with the Queens Gaming Collective to stream an island takeover. To encourage as many attendees as possible, they also promised to give one lucky viewer a Nintendo Switch. 

Top female Twitch streamers to check out 

1. Storymodebae

Bri, better known by her handle Storymodebae, has been on Twitch since January 2018. She treats the platform as her full-time job, and she’s passionate about representing Black women in gaming and bringing that representation to social platforms. 

In an interview with The Verge, she said, “I decided that I wanted to start streaming because I would look for Let’s Plays and things like that, but I didn’t see a whole lot of people that looked like me. I saw Black men on YouTube. But as far as Black women, it’s like you have to type in “Black girl gamers” or these specific keywords so you could kind of find your tribe and find your people.”

You can also find Bri on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Discord

2. Miku

Amanda is a Twitch Partner known for primarily playing League of Legends. When she’s not gaming, she stays busy as a computer science student in Austin, Texas. 

You can also catch up with Miku on Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram

3. AshleyRoboto 

Ashley is a Canadian Twitch Ambassador, voice actor, and artist who creates all of her Twitch channel’s emotes. 

She loves sharing her humor with viewers, telling Game Rant, “The games I like to stream and are drawn to the most as of late are games that I think I can bounce humor off of a lot. I also like playing a lot of horror games. I think that’s almost when I have the most fun because I think me being scared is really funny. I think some of the stuff I yell out, just random new, unique cusses that aren’t really cusses, but it’s just coming out of my mouth because I’m scared is always really funny.”

Find more of Ashley’s content on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram

4. itsmeTroi 

Troi isn’t just killing it on Twitch as an ambassador. She’s also a member of the 2022 YouTube Black Creator Class and has worked with some pretty cool brands, like Snapchat, Trolli, AT&T, and more. 

Catch up with Troi on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

5. BrookeAB

Brooke is a streamer for 100 Thieves, a gaming content house in Los Angeles. She showcases games like VALORANT and Apex Legends, and she openly discusses her mental health struggles after experiencing significant harassment online. 

See more of Brooke’s content on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok

6. BiancaAntisera 

Bianca Antisera is an ER travel nurse studying physics and maintaining a 4.0 (which she proudly touts on streams). And as if those don’t keep her busy enough, she also excels as a Twitch Partner streaming games like Overwatch 2.

Catch more of Bianca’s content on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube

7. NotSaige 

In addition to being a Twitch Partner, Saige Ryan is a member of the Pixel Circus and Smosh Games. Calling herself your “Spooky Friend,” she regularly streams herself playing video games and Dungeons & Dragons. 

Learn more about Saige on Instagram, Twitter, and Discord

8. Xina 

Xina is a Canadian part-time streamer who focuses on League of Legends and Valorant. In addition to streaming gaming content, Xina also shares videos of herself cooking and chatting with fans and is a fashion blogger.

You can also catch up with Xina on Twitter and Instagram

9. Ninjayla

Jayla is a full-time streamer, Twitch Partner, and content creator for Complexity, a professional gaming organization. 

In 2021, she partnered with a few other prominent female streamers, including BrookeAB, AvaGG, and Jaden Lebel, for a panel discussion about women in gaming hosted by JBL Quantum and 1,000 Dreams Fund. While there, they discussed representation in gaming, safety tips for streamers, and how to care for your mental health while in the public eye. 

Find more of Jayla’s content on Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram

10. jaelaray 

Jae is a full-time streamer and Twitch Partner in Kansas playing primarily horror games. She’s also a cosplayer, and she’s partnered with brands like G FUEL. 

You can also find Jae on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Discord.  

Up and coming female Twitch streamers

While a lot of attention is on the streamers with huge followings, nano and micro streamers on Twitch are also a great opportunity for brands looking to reach more niche communities. 

Here are some female streamers making a name for themselves as we speak. 

1. shugiishugii

Catarina, better known by her handle shugiishugii, focuses mostly on League of Legends. She recently celebrated earning a promotion to Diamond in League, and she’s a member of Team PMA. 

You can also find Catarina on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, and Discord

2. Paislily

Paisley, better known as Paislily, is a Twitch partner located in British Columbia, Canada. She plays a wide variety of games, from Red Dead Redemption to Minecraft, and she’s partnered with to promote their FOCUS energy supplement. 

See more of Paisley’s content on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Discord.  

3. martha 

Streaming from Melbourne, Australia, martha is a content creator for The Chiefs Esports and focuses her time on Valorant and League of Legends. When she’s not streaming, she’s sharing pictures of her two ragdoll cats. 

Learn more about martha on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, and Discord

4. IKitCat_ 

Allie is a horror streamer from Canada, and she hosts her chat in French and English since she’s fluent in both. Beyond gaming, Allie enjoys creating Resident Evil cosplays and posting them on her Instagram. 

Follow Allie on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Discord

5. Eeowna

Iona is a streamer with a Ph.D. in Chemistry. She began streaming during the pandemic to find some companionship, and she is dedicated to creating a safe space for the LGBTQIA+ community. For the most part, she streams herself playing Animal Crossing and Nintendo Switch Sports.  

Check out more of Iona’s content on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok

Key takeaway: Female Twitch creators are changing the gaming industry for the better. 

In a world where everyone’s attention is divided, Twitch creators know how to grab focus and hold onto it. And with their work to build more respect and inclusivity in a male-dominated space, female streamers are making their presence known and leveraging their platforms for social change.