October 5, 2016

How To Find Snapchat Friends

find snapchat friends
If you want to find Snapchat friends, there’s plenty of places to look. In this article, we at Grin will give you the best ones.

Why Should I Want To Find Snapchat Friends?

If you want to find Snapchat friends, you should have one of two goals in mind: expanding your actual circle of friends or expanding your influence on the platform. If your goal is to find new friends, these tools are great for that, especially the in-app ones. The in-app friend finder tools will link you with people you already have some connections to, and may even allow you to make some more deep, meaningful friendships with them. Using the sites for this same purpose is a bit more risky, granted, but finding random people can be an enjoyable, enlightening experience if you want to expand your worldview. If your goal is to expand your influence, well, the more people you can convince to follow you, the better. The best way to do this is by producing Snapchat content people actually enjoy engaging with. Snapchat users have no access to ad revenue, but the largest people on Snapchat do enjoy the sweet benefits of what’s called influencer marketing. Influencer marketing is what occurs when the largest advertisers and brands choose to work with “influencers” on various platforms. Your favorite people on platforms like YouTube and Twitter are considered influencers, and chances are they’ve already taken advantage of influencer marketing opportunities to make some extra revenue. On Snapchat, this is just about the only way to make revenue on the platform, and you aren’t getting there until your circle of friends is a massive web of connections.

Find Snapchat Friends In-App

Address Book

First, of course, we’re going to cover how to find Snapchat friends in your actual App. By opening Snapchat and heading to your Account, you can access your Address Book. Once you give Snapchat permission to access your phone contacts, you’ll be able to see what other contacts on your phone have a Snapchat account. This is a quick way to connect with people you already have in your phone, and one of the primary ways most people go about finding their Snapchat friends.


Next up is Recommended. Recommended friends are recommended based on a few key factors: namely, the friends you already have and how often you interact with them. If there’s someone on Snapchat that a number of your friends have in common, they’re quite likely to pop up in your own Recommendations so that you can connect with them. If you can successfully make connections through Recommended, your pool will steadily keep increasing. The larger your web, the larger your Recommended, and the more Snapchat friends you’ll end up with.

Other Sites

Snapchat Subreddit

One great place to go to find Snapchat friends is the r/Snapchat subreddit On that subreddit, people regularly make posts stating what they do on Snapchat and what kind of people they’re looking for. You aren’t going to find a large group of new people each day, but checking r/Snapchat on occasion you may stumble on interesting people who are worth befriending on Snapchat.


Twitter is an amazing place to find Snapchat friends, thanks to the ubiquity of snapcodes. By accessing Twitter and using their search function, you can start finding quite a few new people on Snapchat. By using the tags “#addme” and “#snapchat” in your search, you can find all the most recent tweets using those tags and start adding away. If you click the “Live” search tab, you can scroll pretty much endlessly: there’s a Tweet in the tag roughly every 5-10 minutes, which means that you aren’t ever going to run out of people to add on Snapchat to grow your following. Additionally, you can also search for pages like “Snapchat Codes”, “Ghostcodes” and “Snapchat Snapcodes” to start getting connected with Snapchat users around the globe.

Find Snapchat Friends

The aptly-named Find Snapchat Friends site allows you run mass searches on Snapchatters, as well as create a profile of your own that people can use to start looking for you. You can search by age, gender and country with their tool. Clicking one of the “Hot” options will show you the most popular people adding/being added, and you can even use their “Meet Locals” page to find people in your region posting their profiles on this site.

Add Me Snaps

Add Me Snaps is another simple solution that allows people to run quick searches based on age and gender. Once you’ve added your own name, you can also browse users by their country. It’s a fairly simple solution.

KK Usernames

KK Usernames is yet another search tool, but this time with a few cool twists. The typical searches by age and gender are all there, but this time you can actually add a description to your profile, and you can choose to find friends on Snapchat or KIK. There’s also a notable checkbox for “Are you interested in sexting”- we don’t talk about adult content here on Grin, but we do understand that many people using these platforms go here for that. By keeping this unchecked, those of you who prefer to stay clean don’t have to worry about getting your phone flooded with nudes when you were just trying to find Snapchat friends.

How Is Grin Involved?

Here at Grin, our goal has been and will always be to assist in the expansion and development of content creators all over the Internet and the various platforms it offers. Throughout our history, most of this attention has been focused on YouTube. This makes a lot of sense, because YouTube is among the titans of new media and empowered content creators. However, we decided we can’t stay covering only YouTube forever, which is why we’re expanding our reach to Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and more over the coming months. You can use our Grin Platform to connect with other creators looking to buy and sell their services. This includes shoutouts, but can also offer full collaborations, art/design assistance, page critiques and more. To keep reading informative posts like this one, you can also head on over to our blog. We cover everything you need to know as a growing creator there.