August 16, 2022

How Hair Care Influencers Can Become Successful Brand Partners [+ Top 20 List]

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With so many styles and textures, it can take years to finally nail the perfect routine for a specific hair type. And as new hair care products and accessories hit the market daily, consumers need some help staying up to date with all the latest releases. 

For many of us, our hair is sacred. And social media users feel a close connection with influencers who share the same hair care struggles as they do. Because these hair care creators are experts in their field, audiences trust them when they offer solutions to various hair care woes. 

Partnering with brands can be a great way for these creators to share new products with their followers and earn some money, too. 

Discover some of the latest trends from hair care influencers, learn about brands partnering with creators, and check out some rising stars in the hair care community. 

What is a hair care influencer?

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A hair care influencer is a social media creator who produces content related to hair health, treatment, and hair care products. Many of these influencers have unique hair types that require specific regimens and use their expertise to help others struggling to maintain a desired look and texture. 

The various hair types are as follows:

Image via Healthline

Chart of Types of Hair

Type 1 – straight hair

Type 2 – wavy hair

Type 3 – curly hair

Type 4 – coily hair

Type 1 – image of straight hair

Type 2A – image of slightly wavy hair

Type 2B – image of slightly wavier hair

Type 2C – image of incredibly wavy hair

Type 3A – image of slightly opencurly hair

Type 3B – image of slightly open curlier hair

Type 3C – image of open but incredibly curly hair

Type 4A – image of hair with tight curls

Type 4B – image of hair with even tighter curls

Type 4C – image of hair with incredibly tight curls

Maintenance routines can vastly differ from one hair type to the next, making hair care influencers a great resource for those with matching textures. And because very few hair care routines are exactly the same, at-home stylists can experiment with various regimens from the creator they feel most connected with.

Hair care industry trends to watch for

Social media consistently bares the latest industry trends, and hair care is no exception. Here is a taste of what people are talking about online right now. 

1. More demand for natural ingredients

@karlyalane_ #cleanproducts #naturalingredients #thinkdirty #ewgverified #greenscreenvideo ♬ original sound – KARLY ALANE

Consumers are shying away from chemicals and gravitating toward more natural options—specifically plant-based, vegan, and silicone-free shampoos.

“Consumers are looking for natural and clean beauty products. This will mean something different to each shopper, from using naturally occurring ingredients, eliminating harmful ones, or not testing products on animals.”

Tiffany Hogan, principal analyst at Kantar 

Many plant-based hair care brands partner with influencers to help educate consumers on the harmful chemicals to watch out for in certain products and show them where to find replacements with more natural ingredients. 

2. Pandemic breakup hair

Dubbed “pandemic breakup hair” by Pinterest, COVID-19 caused a sharp turn from neat, traditional hairstyles to flamboyant, hard-to-miss looks—particularly among Gen Z and young millennials.  

“My hair makes a statement, so I want my audience to have fun with their hairstyles, too. My shaved hair tutorials inspire people to try something other than the usual ‘long layers’ look—such as pink undercuts or mint green hues.”

— Peigy Styles, fashion and beauty creator

Pinterest recently noted the following trending search terms on its platform:

3. Hair growth hacks

Many of those who haven’t dived into the “pandemic breakup hair” scene are looking for ways to make their hair longer. It’s a fairly common problem, but plenty of creators claim to have found various ways to stimulate hair growth and help their followers boast the flowing locks they’ve always wanted. 

  1. More diversity in the hair care industry
@magnolia.stfu #greenscreen #greenscreenvideo @yelp @sephora #15percentpledge #effectiveallies #allyship ♬ original sound – magnolia.shhh

There has been a noticeable gap in hair care marketing over the years—especially for Black consumers with type 4C hair. Multiple organizations and activists have recently made pledges to combat the discrepancy, including Aurora James of Brother Vellies. In the wake of George Floyd’s murder, the activist called on brands to support Black-owned businesses with a 15% pledge.

“We represent 15% of the population, and we need to represent 15% of your shelf space.”

— Aurora James

Ulta, Sephora, and other major beauty industry players joined James in the 15% Pledge, which has since become an entire nonprofit organization. Other nonprofits like Pull Up for Change have also promised to “shake up the beauty industry” with a mission for an equal market share of hair and beauty products for Black consumers.

Brands running successful campaigns with hair care creators


Suave created its Suave Professionals for Natural Hair line in 2019 with the help of 5,000 women from various backgrounds with diverse natural hair types and styles. To test its new collection, Suave partnered with a team of influencers it dubbed The Natural Hair Trust. The creator team included relatable women—including Charlize Glass and Enocha Tellus—who embodied Suave’s core values of authenticity and equal representation. The brand also invited fans to share their own hair care journeys using the hashtag #SuaveBeliever. 

“Many Black women, particularly those with type 4 curl types, don’t see themselves in media or advertisements. It’s always an empowering feeling to see women with your hair and texture that look like you in campaigns, and it’s even better that brands like Suave are creating products made for our hair texture specifically.”

Enocha Tellus, Suave Natural Hair Trust member


Pantene launched a 14-day challenge in 2018 after realizing Twitter users posted 1.2 million times using the hashtag #BadHairDay. To solve the bad hair day problem, the brand formed a team to intercept every #BadHairDay poster on Twitter, challenge them to try a Pantene hair regimen for 14 days, and post their transformation online with a #GreatHairDay hashtag.

The campaign boosted Pantene’s organic and influencer reach significantly, while the hashtag #GreatHairDay appeared 587% more often than before the challenge. The brand also raked in an 89% share of voice following the #14DayChallenge.   


@rachlynsey Her hair is full of secrets #dysonairwrap #dysonairwraptips #hairtok #haircareroutine #beautymusthaves #blowout #sleepytie #healthyhairtips #hairgoals ♬ Forever – Labrinth

Dyson introduced the world to a completely new product when it launched the new Supersonic Hairdryer in 2016. Upon release, the brand immediately enlisted the help of social media influencers to promote the product and educate consumers on the new technology. 

The company still uses some influencers to help promote newer products like the Airwrap styler and Corrale hair straightener. But because the initial release of the Supersonic Hair Dryer was so successful, the majority of social media content created around Dyson comes from a genuine love for the brand and its products. 

Top 20 hair care influencers to follow right now

Top Instagram hair care influencers

Nià The Light

Nià is a photographer, lifestyle influencer, and founder of The Curl Bar London—a salon celebrating coils, curls, and waves. She promotes body positivity on all her channels, reminding her followers that they’re beautiful and worthy regardless of stretch marks, acne, scarring, or body shape or size.

You can also keep up with Nià on her blog

Rena Goswami

Rena is a beauty influencer specializing in hair care and hairstyle inspiration. As the proud owner of luxurious locks that flow nearly to her waist, Rena helps other long-haired women maintain their natural flow with home remedies and hair care hacks. 

You can also follow Rena on YouTube and Twitter.  

Poppy Hairstyles

Poppy is a French influencer known best for her hairstyle tutorials. From creative braids to updos and ponytails, Poppy makes complicated hairstyles accessible for the home stylist looking to elevate their game. 

You can also follow Poppy on YouTube and TikTok

Leysa Carrillo

Leysa is a curly hair educator who founded the Forever Curls Academy to teach stylists the skills needed to succeed in the natural texture space. Her channel gives fans a behind-the-scenes look at her expertise and inspiration for their own curly hair adventures. 

You can also follow Leysa on Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube

Wavy Curly Ali

Ali is a healthy hair enthusiast who has been promoting proper hair maintenance habits online since 2018. Her tips help her followers understand which products will work best for their hair type and the appropriate steps to achieve the best results. Ali also offers a texture quiz so her audience can select the proper routine based on their specific hair type.

You can find more of her content on YouTube

Top TikTok hair care influencers 

Brandon Martell

@brandonmartellp 3 Beard Mistakes Men Make #beardtips ♬ Blue Blood – Heinz Kiessling & Various Artists

Brandon is a men’s grooming expert and certified trichologist. On a mission to “restore the crown through grooming knowledge,” Brandon’s content ensures his followers have the tools to help them feel confident in their look. 

You can also follow him on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube

Michele Pritchard

@michelepritchardhair Messy Bun for long hair! #messybun #messybuntutorial #hairtutorial #hairstyleideas #hairtok #grwm ♬ original sound – Hair Tips and Tutorials

Michele is a hair stylist and blogger who loves sharing the tips she’s picked up in her 17 years in the industry. As a stylist, her mission is to elevate the salon experience and help everyone achieve their dream hair. 

You can also follow Michele on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest

Deano the Barber

@deanothebarber Learning to style my new haircut..🕺🏼 #barber #haircut #hairstylist #barberlife #barberclips #barbershop #barbers #hair #hairstyle ♬ original sound – deanothebarber

Dean is a Los Angeles-based barber and teacher. He’s helped his clients achieve every look under the sun and has extensive knowledge of the best hair care products and accessories. 

You can also follow him on Instagram and Facebook

Anne Li Do you do this? #haircare #hairmistakes #haircaremistakes #hairtips #hairhack ♬ Just a Cloud Away – Pharrell Williams

Anne is a hair and beauty creator located in Amsterdam. She provides seasonal hair inspiration and product tips while reminding her followers what not to do in their pursuit of the perfect head of hair. 

The Aussie Rapunzel

@theaussierapunzel Sometimes the hair needs a little help when it comes to growth #hairtok #hairproblems #hairgrowth ♬ Blade Runner 2049 – Synthwave Goose

The Aussie Rapunzel definitely lives up to the nickname. The 22-year-old Sidney resident shares plenty of tips with her followers on keeping her nearly 3-foot-long locks looking healthy and promoting growth.

You can also follow the Aussie Rapunzel on Instagram

Top YouTube hair care influencers 

Nadine Baggott

Nadine’s channel is the place to be for “BS-free” beauty advice. She spent 30 years as a health and beauty journalist, writing for The Saturday Times Magazine, Hello, The Daily Mail, and Marie Claire Health & Beauty. Nadine’s YouTube channel is for sharing all the tips and tricks she’s picked up over her years on the beauty beat. 

You can also follow her on Twitter and Instagram

Jewellianna Palencia

Jewellianna’s channel is for beauty, fashion, fitness, lifestyle, and (most importantly) tips for growing long, natural curls. Her hair content covers everything from how to fix damaged hair to choosing the perfect style for naturally curly hair. 

You can also follow Jewellianna on Facebook and Instagram

Snowberry Pizza

Crystal is a fashion, skincare, hair care, and self-love influencer and the casting and creative director for Girls Gone Boss talk sessions. Known as Snowberry Pizza online, Crystal is a master at 4C hair tutorials and style inspiration. 

You can find more of her content on Instagram

Seerat Saini

Seerat uses her YouTube channel to take fans behind the scenes of her life, from beauty and fashion to vlogs and chit-chats. Some of her most popular videos are in her YouTube Shorts series revealing Indian hair growth secrets. 

You can also follow Seerat on TikTok and Instagram

Eugenia Kelcy

Eugenia created her channel to share tips, DIY techniques, and educational insights on how she maintains her beautiful curls. She uses her own experiences, research, and years of practice to help others achieve their hair care goals. 

You can also follow her on Instagram and Twitter

Top Pinterest hair care influencers 

Sarah Tran

HairQare by Sarah Tran is dedicated to natural hair growth remedies. Through her step-by-step hair care program, followers can build their perfect holistic hair shampoo routine for length and strength. 

You can also follow Sarah on Instagram

Amanda Pinkel

Amanda is a lover of all things braids and fashion. Her board is all any braid enthusiast needs to inspire their next classic look. 

You can also follow Amanda on Instagram and TikTok

Hair and Makeup by Steph

Stephanie Brinkerhoff is a professional event hair and makeup artist educator with over 15 years of experience. She travels the world for destination weddings and events and teaches workshops for creating elegant styles. 

You can also follow Stephanie on Instagram and YouTube.

Argentea Lo

Lo is an Italian creator specializing in braids, makeup, and crochet. She developed a love for styling hair as a child replicating the styles of her favorite cartoon protagonists and carries her childhood passion into her current work with whimsical styles and innovative braid work.

You can also follow Lo on Instagram and YouTube.  

Jamie L Vandenberg

Jamie is a Michigan-based bridal stylist providing her fans with everyday hair tutorials and style inspiration. In addition to sharing styling tricks and techniques, Jamie also helps her followers pick the right outfit to pair with their new hairstyle. 

You can also follow her on Instagram and TikTok

Key takeaway: Hair care influencers can monetize their platform with brand deals. 

Influencers can be the perfect teachers and spokespeople to educate consumers on all their hair-related needs. Their expertise saves their followers countless hours of trial and error and allows them to see first-hand when a product gets results. If you’ve spent the time to build up a loyal following with the help of hair-related content, consider reaching out to brands you love and telling them why you would make a great partner. You may just land a dream deal.