June 3, 2016

Grin 2016 Team Meetings

Grin Team!
For those of you who don’t know the Grin team personally (hi almost EVERYONE!) it may come as a surprise to learn that we’re not all located in one location. Our team is distributed which simply means we’re located all over the world. Thanks to communication tools like slack, skype, jira, web cameras & international cell phone plans – it works great for us. We like to joke that Grin is “on” 24/7 because as some of us are starting our work day in America & Mexico, others are going to sleep in Asia. Currently our team consists of 11 people, a mix of part-time and full-time employees, from 3 countries & 5 cities. Our core team, Brian, Brandon, Wendi & Stephane are located in Sacramento, California. Cody & Jon who work on content marketing are also in the United States, in NYC & Ohio respectively. Jorge, our lead designer is in Puebla, Mexico. And the Development team, Ray, Gia, Benny & Hilton are located in Davao City, Philippines. Having such a diverse team from all over the world makes for an extremely fun work environment that is truly global and 24/7! Most recently, we got most of the team together in Asia (Davao City, PH) to discuss the future of our business. We worked on process improvements, rolled out one of our largest product updates ever and had some fun together. Brian is still in Asia working with the developers for a few more weeks to push the next product update (hint: it’s HUGE), while the rest of us are back home focused on our core roles. Below are some photos from our most recent trip:
Flying Into Manilla
The Leadership Team @ Lunch
The Streets of Davao City
Ray exporting the latest build
An asian treat (we’ll let you guess :))
Balik Bukid in Davao – Amazing Lunch
some of the team at work, Brian not wanting to be photographed
some of the team at work, Brian not wanting to be photographed
Part of the team out at night, after dinner
All in all, what an amazing trip! The team has an incredibly ambitious plan to keep innovating and bringing content creators something they have never seen before on mobile. Thanks for tuning in 🙂