August 24, 2015

YouTube Stars Announce Engagement

Here comes the bride … YouTube stars Aspyn Ovard and Parker Ferris have announced via Instagram and YouTube that they are now engaged. The popular YouTubers share a channel, which sports more than 630,000 subscribers, and even posted a proposal video yesterday that has more than half a million views already. Aspyn also runs her own solo channel with 1.9M subscribers. Celebrity couples are a dime a dozen these days, but Aspen and Parker may be the new power duo on the block. With more than 2 million subscribers and even more total views, these two are ramping up to be major YouTube players. Not to mention the other social channels they are on, like proposal video yesterday, where both Aspyn and Parker also announced their engagement and have a combined 1M plus followers. Not that these two need any help getting subs or followers , but if you do, check out our Get Subscribers for YouTube and Get Followers on Instagram.