December 8, 2016

The Best Video Editing Apps For Instagram

video editing apps for instagram
In this article, we at Grin are continuing our Instagram coverage by giving you the best video editing apps for Instagram. With these apps around, there’s no reason to settle for just your stock camera app!

Why get other video editing apps for Instagram?

Despite the fact that Instagram has become one of the most popular social media outlets (alongside platforms like Facebook and superseding others like Snapchat or Twitter), it didn’t get there based on the quality of its video creation experience. In fact, the platform reached its popularity initially by completely ignoring video options: instead, it focused on easy-to-use phone photography that offered a lot of filters, editing and posting options. This allowed people to post nice-looking photos from their smartphones more quickly and easily than ever before, and is why the platform became so successful. As part of its recent growth, Instagram has entered video features designed to fight the likes of Vine (RIP) and Snapchat. However, its video creation and editing software leaves a lot to be desired, especially if you’re looking to make high-quality videos for your Instagram following to enjoy.

How are you choosing this list?

One big focus of this list is making sure that all the apps are usable for Android and iOS. Many “best of” lists in this category fail to meet that challenge, and are often only vouching for iOS apps (since Instagram is significantly more popular on that platform). With this list, we’re going to make sure that all of the apps are usable on both platforms, so that nobody is missing out. The next one, of course, is features. Each app on this list needs to offer compelling features to justify downloading and using it with your Instagram videos. We tried to avoid choosing apps that do the same thing, as well- nobody likes redundant apps clogging up their phone. With that out of the way, let’s begin.

The Best Video Editing Apps For Instagram


Horizon is a simple app that alows people to convert vertical videos to horizontal videos. In a rush to record life events and other cool things that happen, many amateur Instagrammers will do a vertical recording: while this is fine for some, others highly prefer a video in a proper horizontal format. Horizon does exactly that. By using Horizon, you can adjust a vertical video into a horizontal one with ease.  The iOS version also offers a multitude of tantalizing additions, but the app remains solid on Android. Even if you don’t use this for Instagram, you can use this to make your recorded-for-Instagram videos easier to watch on other platforms, like YouTube.

Lapse It

Lapse It is among the time-lapse video editing apps for Instagram, and shows itself off on this list by being one of the most highly-rated solutions. Unlike other apps, which may do a lazy port from iOS to Android (or vice versa), Lapse It offers a native, fully-functional version for both operating systems, which means that nobody misses out. Time lapses can be fairly interesting content, especially done in a short form and posted on Instagram.


Quik comes from GoPro, but doesn’t require a GoPro to use. In this spin on video editing apps for Instagram, Quik allows its users to take photos and videos from various sources, including a GoPro, Google, Facebook and your own phone’s storage. With up to  75 pieces of photo/video, Quik will comb through and detect notable moments, as well as faces and color-tweaks. With Quik, you can choose from a variety of filters and video styles, as well as have access to a powerful, easy-to-use editor in app that allows you to stitch multiple unedited videos into a single, edited, high-quality one. You can also use music alongside the videos, which Quik will time cuts and transitions to. Quik has earned its high rating and is one of the most popular video editing apps for Instagram, and smart devices as a whole. Highly recommended.


Magisto is an interesting creature. Through what it calls “Emotion Sense Technology”, Magisto performs multiple tasks designed to create the best possible video from what’s provided. Magisto takes raw footage, the user’s choice of video style (of which there are many) and a choice of music. The resulting output clearly works well, because Magisto has earned smashing ratings on both the Play Store and App Store, as well as multiple “Best Of” and “Editors’ Choice” awards. Use Magisto for some of the best and easiest in quick video creation.

YouTube (Capture)

That’s right, YouTube! Or YouTube Capture, if you’re on iOS. (Android users can do the same within the base YouTube app.) YouTube Capture offers YouTube’s own mobile recording and editing features, with no limit to the amount of clips you can use or the time your video can run. Thanks to its integration with the YouTube platform, it also offers access to a massive free audio library, and allows you to quickly and easily edit and post your video to YouTube, Instagram and more. If you’re looking to boost your Instagram presence while also supporting other video platforms, YouTube Capture is a great choice.

Giphy Cam

Giphy Cam comes from Giphy, one of the most popular online repositories for GIFs. GIFs and other shortform video content are quite popular on Instagram and other social media apps, due to their simplicity, and Giphy offers a quick GIF recording tool for all platforms, with plenty of fun/wacky edits to use on top of it.


Phhhhoto (that’s a weird name to spell, huh?) is a short video creation app. It’s designed to instantly shoot “moving pictures”- meaning, an extremely short video designed to add the illusion of motion to an image.


Last but not least comes an app from Instagram themselves: Boomerang. What goes around comes around, we suppose. Boomerang allows users to create quick videos by using a few photos and turning them into a quick, high-quality loop.

More About Instagram Growth

Here at Grin, we’re dead serious about helping you grow as a content creator, whether that’s on Instagram or other platforms. We hope this list of the best video editing apps for Instagram helped you in your journey to grow on the platform. For more assistance growing, check out the Grin Platform. The Grin Platform allows you to buy and sell shoutouts from other creators like you, while our Blog can be used to find more detailed, informative guides like this one!