September 20, 2016

How To Get Social Media Shoutouts

social media shoutouts

Social Media Shoutouts

Here at Grin, we’re dedicated to helping you grow as a YouTuber or online content creator. In this article, we’ll be discussing social media shoutouts, what they are, and how to get them.

What are social media shoutouts?

A shoutout on social media usually refers to when one user shouts out another, typically by “tagging” them (inserting their username and a link to their userpage) in a post that they make. This “shouts out” the recipient to their followers. This is the most common form of a shoutout, but technically there are a few others worth talking about. For instance, on YouTube, liking or favoriting a video can be considered a form of shoutout. This is because users who browse that creator’s feed will see the videos that they like/favorite, which will effectively help expose them to new content. Status likes and shares on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr also work similarly. In the YouTube circle, shoutouts can also be done in-video to another person’s. These often happen at the end of a video, and can even go as far as proper collaborations between two YouTube creators, but we’re getting a bit ahead of ourselves now. You know what social media shoutouts are- but why should you want them?

Why should I want them?

Because a social media shoutout is the quickest, easiest way to expand your audience. A shoutout from a big-name social media star is enough to get you literally millions of new followers, no matter what platform you’re on, because their followers will flock to you en masse to see what the fuss is about. The value of a shoutout is nigh impossible to understate. This is why advertisers target the biggest Internet stars, too. People listen to and trust the biggest names in any given circle of social media, and the people with this power are known as “influencers”. Influencer marketing targets those influencers and pays/sponsors them for what is essentially a shoutout, except for a brand/product instead of a fellow creator. In short, shoutouts equal exposure. Exposure equals the chance for a follow/purchase, and for marketers and content creators alike, the importance of exposure is difficult to understate.

How can I get them?


In business, networking is a term used to describe exchanging information and establishing relationships between people. Networking is a wide term that encompasses most relationships- for instance, that 19 year old who got a high-paying job at a local office likely had networking with the higher-ups who could put him in such a position. A networking contact can be anyone from a friend, to a family member, or even a guy you’ve only met and spoken to a few times. What matters is that you use the people in the networks, your connections, to get ahead. Just as this applies to life and business, it also applies to social media shoutouts and online content creation. Networking in this context refers to connecting to social media stars that can provide you with insight, assistance or shoutouts. While there’s certainly plenty of ways to go about getting a social media shoutout, networking is by far the most effective way to start growing your audience. Ways you can do that range from simple actions, like tweeting/commenting/emailing relevant creators, or from bigger ones, like attending conventions and conferences with other people in your area. An example we covered earlier this year would be VidCon, a convention where thousands of YouTubers, big and small, converged in one location.

Shoutout for Shoutout/Follow for Follow/etc

A common form of getting social media shoutouts is doing a “shoutout for shoutout”. This usually happens when two creators of near-equal size (but differing audiences) meet and are both seeking growth. As the name implies, both parties simply shoutout the other, which allows their two audiences to cross-pollinate. This, of course, can expand to other forms of interaction, too. Many pages on Twitter and Tumblr practice “follow for follow”, wherein they follow anyone who follows them. This doesn’t immediately result in shoutouts, but fairly often it means the two creators start sharing content from the other, providing exposure just like any other shoutout would. The important part of practices like this is that you do the necessary research. Be sure that the blog/page has a significant following and that that following differs from yours. Failure to pay mind to this will essentially mean that you’re wasting time for little exposure in return.

Paid Services

Finally, there’s paid services. Paid services simply entail paying for shoutouts, and these services will often connect you with other stars for you to do it with. These are typically reputable, as they fall within the category of a social marketplace, meaning that the vendors and consumers have open communication and are usually one and the same. Other paid services are a little shadier- they may be vague about how they’re granting you exposure, and may offer simple view numbers as opposed to real engagements from real people. These services may also outright offer paying for followers/subscribers. Let’s talk a moment about those.

Difference Between Shoutouts and Views/Followers/Subscribers

In general, you don’t want to pay shady sites for free subscribers or followers. More often than not, these subs and follows are simply coming from automated bots- as they aren’t real people, you aren’t making ad revenue off of them, they aren’t sharing your content with real people, and essentially you’ve just wasted your money to pad numbers instead of getting anything meaningful in return. When exchanging money with any kind of site or app, be cautious and make sure you’re only buying social media shoutouts from reputable vendors.

Can Grin help me?

Finally, we’re going to talk about our Platform. The Grin Platform allows you to directly pay for things like collaborations, shoutouts, art, music, editing or even, yes, social media shoutouts. The best part is, you know by using our platform that you’re working directly with other content creators, not talking to shadowy sites operating a legion of bots. In addition to our Marketplace, there’s other ways we’re dedicated to helping you grow. Without paying a cent, you’re free to browse our blog– it’s full of helpful, informative posts like this one!