October 13, 2016

5 Small YouTube Partnership Networks

small youtube partnership networks
Getting partnered can be tough as a small channel, especially if you don’t know of any small YouTube partnership networks. With this article, we at Grin are going to fix that!

What’s a YouTube partnership network?

A YouTube partnership network, or MCN (multi-channel network) partners with brands and creators on YouTube to market, monetize and distribute content. Initially, MCNs were a requirement to make money on YouTube, but this is no longer the case. However, there’s still reasons to approach them: especially the ones offering great perks that suit what you’re trying to do your channel.

How’re you defining ‘small’?

Very few MCNs constitute as “small”, do we’re looking at YouTube networks that are friendly to small channels. So, by small YouTube partnership networks, we don’t mean the networks themselves are small. We mean that they’re suited to small YouTubers looking to grow their footprint in the massive YouTube scene. Even if you think that definition is a little iffy, stick around. We have some pretty great options for you to peruse, and hopefully you’ll know where to take your channel next after finishing this article.

5 Small YouTube Partnership Networks

Contract Network For Small Channels: Thoughtful Media

Thoughtful Media is a new network, and fits among the small YouTube partnership networks in the senses that it’s both smaller than other networks and friendlier to smaller channels than some of the big boys. They have seemingly no entry requirements.


  • No entry requirements.
  • Live support.
  • Brand deals and referrals.
  • Supports all channel types.


  • 75% starting revenue share (goes up to 85% later). This is a downside because other small YouTube partnership networks have a better revenue share.
  • 1-2 year contract.

No-Contract YouTube Network For Small Channels: ScaleLab

ScaleLab is a popular partnership networks that has fairly low entry requirements, requirements that have allowed it onto our list of small YouTube partnership networks. Let’s discuss the upsides and downsides of this one.


  • No contract!
  • Access to many perks, including audio libraries and key services.
  • 80% starting revenue share that eventually reaches 90%.
  • Supports all channel types.
  • Has a multi-language dash/multiple payment methods to serve a diverse array of creators.


  • Lacks some of the boons for genre-specific YouTube partnership networks. Consider the other networks on this list, too.

For Musicians: Routenote

Routenote is by far the best YouTube network for musicians. This is because Routenote allows musicians to publish their music on services like iTunes and Spotify (using their portion of the revenue share). Plus, the only entry requirement is that you own your music!


  • No entry requirements besides owning your music.
  • Offers the Content ID system so you can protect your music on YouTube.
  • A nice 85% revenue share.


  • They don’t do promotions.
  • They only pay via PayPal.

For Gamers: Curse

Curse is easily the best YouTube partnership network for gamers. While its requirements are a bit high- at 8K views in the past month or 4K views with 1K subscribers- they are fairly friendly to small channels and gamers in general, a far better choice than other gaming networks.


  • A whopping 90% revenue share- one of the best you can get on YouTube, period.
  • No lock-in contract.
  • Great perks for gamers, including audio libraries, strong support and beta keys.


  • Somewhat high entry requirements.
  • PayPal only.

For Fashion YouTubers: StyleHaul

Finally, there’s StyleHaul. As one of the only YouTube networks for fashion channels, you may wonder how they end up on this list of small YouTube psrtnership networks. This is because they both serve a smaller part of YouTube and have a very low barrier of entry.


  • Super-low requirements- 1K views per month for three months.
  • Brand sponsorships allows fashion YouTubers to grow without needing to be rich.


  • Unknown revenue share- likely not good.
  • PayPal-only, starting at a $25 threshold.
  • Contracts ranging from 1 to 4 years.


Overall, there’s a lot of different places to go if you’re looking for small YouTube partnership networks. However, we hope this article helped you find what you were looking for, according to your needs! For more on YouTube growth (as well as other platforms) stick around on Grin to read our blog or use our Grin Platform!