July 9, 2015

Proof That YouTube Can Make You A Millionaire

The most recent news lighting up social media is that YouTube megastar PewDiePie (or Felix Kjellberg) reportedly raked in $7M in 2014, up from $4M in 2013. According to The Verge, PewDiePie has more than 36M followers on his YouTube Channel and has generated more than 9 billion total views. With ads running on all of those views, it’s no surprise he’s seeing that kind of revenue per year. So, what does he do that’s making so much money? Well, back in college (about 5 years ago), Felix started filming himself playing video games. At the time, there was really no one else really doing it. Gamers enjoyed his antics and animated game play and, thus, he started seeing a following. The great way YouTube works is that if you bring them views on any piece of content and let them display ads, then you’ll see a cut of the action. The more views, the more money – It’s how you make money on YouTube. Pretty simple. This particular story is gaining a lot of attention because of the outrage by many people that Felix is making this much money for videos of himself playing games. Basically, they are jealous. But as Felix notes in a video he made dubbed “Lets Talk About Money,” he talks about his revenue and that anyone can do it. That’s right, even you. He’s not entitled or lucky (Well, maybe a little lucky). He works hard and, thus, gets paid for it. In the end, this is yet another example of how YouTube mixed with a unique offering to a specific demographic can result in success. If you have your own YouTube Channel, think about what makes it unique, why would people want to subscribe and watch? Find an angle and a demographic you can speak to directly and build a relationship. The possibilities are endless. Oh, you can also check out our own YouTube App – It can help 😉