June 4, 2015

Is Twitter The Best Platform for Start-Ups?

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 10.51.11 AMA contributor to Forbes recently wrote about why Twitter is the best social platform for your start-up business. After highlighting the majority of the other “big” social platforms and why they fall short, he dives into Twitter noting it’s advantageous characteristics, like being able to retweet if you have nothing to say or scheduling content for consistency. While we agree that Twitter is a solid platform for start-ups, we also think that each platform brings its own unique characteristics to reaching current and potential customers. Twitter is by far the most open of the networks, but while Facebook limits your reach it also cultivates more of a community feel for posting and sharing content. Sure, in the beginning it’s a tough road to grow, but as customers become more loyal it’s a destination for those individuals. The contributor also notes that Instagram (as well as Snapchat and Pinterest) as still too niche. While we aren’t really sure what that means, these are destinations that are red hot with the millennial crowd, who are open to engaging with brands who can relate to them either through the content they post or engagement. LinkedIn may seem like a dead end, but to every startup is the investor side of things. Posting company updates and other industry specific content can show them that you’re a thought leader in the space and a potential investment opportunity. The battle for which social platform is best will continue to rage on and the majority of it, to be honest, is all opinion based. We make apps that make life more social for consumers, so our approach tends to be the more the merrier when it comes to a startup looking to reach new customers.