September 19, 2016

How to Buy Shoutouts on Instagram

buy shoutouts on instagram

How to buy shoutouts on Instagram

If you’re here, you’re obviously wondering if you should buy shoutouts on Instagram, or you’re ready to go ahead and do it. In this article, we’ll quickly discuss why you may want to buy shoutouts, then we’ll give you a list of sites you can use to purchase those shoutouts. Let’s begin.

Why buy shoutouts on Instagram?

Shoutouts are an integral part of any content creation platform, Instagram included.
A shoutout, for those unfamiliar, usually refers to one user inserting the username of another into a post of theirs. This links that person’s profile to the original poster, and serves as one of the simplest forms of shoutouts. Shoutouts can also come in more subtle forms via a popular user liking or commenting on a post. On the Internet, getting a shoutout is the quickest way to grow your audience. Depending on the size of the other person’s following, your profile will instantly be in the hands of anywhere from thousands to millions of dedicated followers. These people aren’t guaranteed to follow you and stick around on your profile, but you’ll find that they’re quite likely to, especially if your profile has appeal. Common users aren’t the only people looking for the greatest, though. Brands and advertisers are known for targeting prominent Internet stars, including the kind of people you want to buy shoutouts on Instagram from. This is because the biggest people on Instagram are considered “influencers”, and influencer marketing is one of the most effective ways to get a product out there. In essence, you too are taking advantage of influencer marketing by buying shoutouts.

Sites To Buy Shoutouts on Instagram

BuySell Shoutouts

BuySell Shoutouts is a sparkle in the eye of those looking to buy shoutouts on Instagram. In addition to Instagram, they offer shoutouts and other services from a variety of other platforms, including Snapchat and Twitter. While BuySell Shoutouts does have generally favorable reviews, the system is plagued by people offering robot followers and a fairly poor sorting system that doesn’t allow users to sort by social media platform.


Shoutcart is up next. It offers shoutouts for Instagram and Twitter, and has a detailed search-filtering system for all kinds of profile categories. The pricing and variety of people on the platform is diverse too, with shoutouts starting for as low as one dollar and going as high as $500. The main downside of Shoutcart, however, is that viewing listings requires you to sign up with their site, and the manners of shoutouts often vary. For instance, pricing is often hourly- the base price usually only represents a low amount of time, like an hour or two. Having it for days or permanently can double or even triple the price of the initial investment, meaning that not all prices may be as good as they initially look.

IG Shoutouts

Now, there’s IG Shoutouts. IG Shoutouts focuses exclusively on Instagram, hence its name, and is host to a wide variety of Instagram stars offering their shoutouts to the people who want them. Like on Shoutcart, many of these offers are hourly, and some may not even have a permanent option. Additionally, IG Shoutouts suffers from a huge issue as a way to buy shoutouts on Instagram, because its searching and filtering is actually quite poor. Tags and categories are still in play and can be found in a search, but there’s no actual easy search page where you can sort by different categories, by price, etc. You’re left to use their search function to browse particular tags or simply scroll down their featured list until you find what you’re looking for. Due to a serious lack in site features, it’s difficult to recommend IG Shoutouts.


Next up, there’s Fiverr. Fiverr is known as the platform where you can pay for products and services for five dollars, with a few higher-budget options available as well (in increments of five dollars, of course). Fiverr is well known for its reliability, clean site design and straightforward pricing approach, but unfortunately the issue that plagues IG Shoutouts is here, too- worse, even. Fiverr shoutouts cover all the main social media platforms. This means instead of just Instagram,  YouTube, Twitter and Facebook are covered, too, so you have to dig through many shoutout posts that may not even be relevant to your platform. What’s worse is that there’s no tagging system, and while the search function is functional, once more there’s another site offering a marketplace of shoutouts with no filtering or sorting system to speak of. Fiverr is known for its simplicity, but simplicity isn’t always a good thing. Especially not when you’re looking to buy shoutouts on Instagram, and need good search tools to find the right vendor.


Finally, there’s us. Here at Grin, the real offer on show here is our market, which allows you to pay for all kinds of services. With the Grin Platform, you can buy shoutouts on Instagram, YouTube, and all kinds of other platforms as we expand. In addition to our shoutout services, we also offer collaborations, art and design assistance, and more- our Platform is run by creators, for creators, and includes a powerful sorting and search system, unlike some platforms.


Hopefully after reading this article, you know a thing or two about how to buy shoutouts on Instagram. The short version is to find a powerful, reputable site that you can use to shop for exactly what you’re looking for, and to carefully weigh your options across users and platforms. Besides our app and platform,  Grin also offers a free blog. Our blog focuses on helping content creators on all the major platforms grow and expand to reach their full potential: don’t stop with buying shoutouts on Instagram! Stick around to learn more about how you can improve your social media presence and grow as a creator.